The Trio of Saint Poets - I
P. N. Razdan (Mahanori)

About the Book

The two of us having gone through Shri P.N. Razdan's Gems of Kashmiri Literature And Kashmiriyat-1, declare that it is a work of loving labour, and of deep personal conviction, as is very pertinent to the time in which we live presently. We are touched. Whatever the author writes, and the way he interprets the three great saints of the valley, become meaningful universally. The Vakhs have, at the same time, been rendered into English feelingly. One does move to many of them, despite the difficulties of rendition in another tongue. These, therefore, are not merely of academic interest, but charged with moments of academic inspiration for the reader. It could be that the style of the volume could be edited a bit more, and made tighter, but nevertheless these shortcomings are overcome by the genuineness of the message behind the work.

One looks forward to next volume in the series.

Keshav Malik
Former Editor Indian Literature

Usha Razdan Malik
Former Secretary Sangeet
Natak Akademi

Kashmiri Overseas Association
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