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CALENDAR 2008-09



November 11, 2008

KOA Elections Update

Dear KOA Members:

The KOA elections for the year 2008 are over. Previously, the NEC appraised you about the nominations received. Only one nomination was received for each of the following positions:

KOA President, and KOA Zone Director for Zones 1 and 7.

For KOA Zone 8 Director, two nominations were received. Dr. Abhinav Raina withdrew his nomination. No nominations were received for Director KOA Zones 3, 4 and 6.

On behalf of NEC-KOA 2008, I am pleased to announce the election of Mr. Pradumon Tickoo, Grand Rapids, MI 49505, as the new President-Elect of KOA. Congratulations to Mr. Tickoo! In his nomination acceptance, Mr. Tickoo sent the following message:

I am humbled and grateful to my community for entrusting me to lead as the President of KOA. It is with great honor and pride that I am accepting my nomination for this position. The trust placed in me by the community has strengthened my resolve to serve with passion. I take the faith you have reposed in me very seriously. I will work tirelessly to keep your trust and confidence in me alive. This is my commitment to all of you. I would also like to thank the entire KOA-NEC 2008 team for great work, honesty and integrity. God bless our community with unity and prosperity!

The NEC also announces and congratulates the following persons as KOA Zone Director as indicated:

Zone 1: Ms. Nirmala Mitra

Zone 7: Mr. Ajay Koul

Zone 8: Ms. Veena Kaul

Since no nominations for KOA Zone Director for Zones 3, 4 and 6 were received by the set deadline, emails were sent to the KOA membership in these Zones. KOA members from these Zones suggested names on which the NEC deliberated. The NEC is pleased to announce and congratulate the following persons as KOA Zone Director as indicated:

Zone 3: Mr. Umesh Kaul, New Jersey

Zone 4: Ms. Asha Bakaya, Maryland

Zone 6: Dr. Rakesh Raina, Georgia

It has been a pleasure to serve our own KOA.

With namaskars and best regards,

Autar Mattoo, Chair 2008 KOA NEC

Hira Nakhasi, Member

Sujata Quasba, Member

Soman Dhar, Member


February 24, 2008
Support of additional students in the SAC and EAP program


Dear members of the community,
Voting was conducted on Friday Feb 22nd 2008 regarding the proposal as below. The proposal was approved by the board of directors.
Zone  Director Vote
Zone 1 Nimmi Kalla Yes
Zone 2 Inder Kaul Yes
Zone 3 Ashtosh Ganjoo Yes
Zone 4 Swapna Raina Yes
Zone 5 Kamlesh Moza Yes
Zone 6 Ashutosh Kaul Yes
Zone 7 Ajay Kaul Yes
Zone 8 Pradumon Tickoo Yes
Zone 9 Rajeev Sumbly Didn't vote
Zone 10 Amrit Nehru Didn't vote
President Sunil Fotedar Yes
I am submitting the following proposal for your approval in order to support additional students in the Support A Child (SAC) Program and the Education Assistance Program (EAP) for a period of 2 years (2008-2009) with the funds available in the KOA's Education Fund.
The details are provided below:
Balance in Education Fund (end of 2007): $24750 
Balance in Education Fund from previous Administration: $4071 
Total Balance in Education Fund at the end of 2007: $28821
Funds Transferred from Education Fund to other programs in Jan 2008 (on donor's request): $900 (EAP) + $675 (SAC) = $1575
Current Balance in Education Fund: $28821 - $1575 = $27246
Proposed Funding from Education Fund:
1. Support A Child (SAC):
Funds required for 20 students for 2 years (2008-2009) = 20 students x 2 years x $225/student/year = $9000
2. Education Assistance Program (EAP):
Funds required for 15 students for 2 years (2008-2009) = 15 students x 2 years x $300/student/year = $9000
Total funding required = $9000 + $9000 = $18000
Please submit your vote (YES, NO, ABSTAIN) to the KOA secretary, Soman Dhar, by Friday, February 22, 2008, 12:00PM EST.
Thank you.
Sunil Fotedar
President, Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA), Inc.
San Antonio, Texas
(Soman Dhar)
Secretary KOA

February 16, 2008: KOA's Annual College Bound ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for 2008
Dear Members,
Each year KOA awards one time achievement award to a Kashmiri Pandit College bound student living in the USA. Any high school senior student meeting the following requirements qualifies to apply for this award:
   - High school GPA of at least 3.5.
   - SAT score of at least 1985 out of 2400. Or an ACT score of at least 30.
   - A two-page essay about Kashmiri Pandit heritage.
   - The applicant should have some Kashmiri community related experience.
Details are at:
http://koausa. org/achieve/
This is the formal notification to invite applications for KOA's Annual College Bound ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for the year 2008. Applicants need to send the following material to Dr. Hira Koul via email at
koul@stt.msu. edu (koul @ stt . msu . edu).
   - High School GPA
   - SAT or ACT Score
   - A maximum of two page essay on Kashmiri Pandit heritage
   - Kashmiri community related experience details.
This year the deadline for receiving applications is March 31, 2008.
Dr. Hira Koul (MI) is the coordinator for this program and chairs the selection committee that additionally includes Dr. Hira Nakhasi (MD) and Mr. Vijay Kaul (FL). This selection committee will evaluate all the applications and select the winner(s).
I personally request all the parents to encourage their college-bound children to participate in this program.

Sunil Fotedar
President, Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA), Inc. USA
San Antonio, Texas

November 19, 2007: KOA Directory

I hope you all celebrated Diwali with your family and friends.
As already informed, we plan to publish long-awaited KOA directory by early part of 2008. If you have moved and changed your contact information recently, please fill out the following online form at:
If, for whatever reasons, you are unable to fill out the form, please send the pertinent details (that the form asks) to koa_management@yahoo.com
Around Mid-January, we will send the draft version of directory as pdf to all the members. At that point, members will have two weeks to revert back to us with any last minute changes. And then in February, the final version will go out.
Please keep in mind, the printed version of the KOA directory will be mailed only to those who are currently paid members. The unpaid members will get its pdf version via email. In order to respect the privacy of our members, there will be no online version of the directory available on the KOA website. If you have not become a member yet, you can signup at:
There are two ways to become a KOA member:
A. For Online Membership Dues:
  • New members: Please click here:
  •  Renew membership: Please click here:
B. For Memberships Dues via personal checks:
Check should be made payable to: Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA), Inc. and mailed to:

Zippy Aima Sapru

Treasurer, KOA

6018 Kingston Ranch

San Antonio, TX 78249

At present, following types of memberships are available:
a) Regular Membership for community members residing in USA
  • Family Membership - $30 per year per family
  • Single Membership - $15 per year per person
  • Senior Membership - $15 per year per senior citizen
  • Student Membership - $15 per year per student
  • LIFE Membership - $500 for LIFE per family
b) Associate Membership for community members residing outside of USA
  • Family Membership - $30 per year per family
  • Single Membership - $15 per year per person
  • Senior Membership - $15 per year per senior citizen
  • Student Membership - $15 per year per student
  • LIFE Membership - $500 for LIFE per family
We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.
Sunil Fotedar
San Antonio, Texas

September 13, 2007: Inspiring news from Udhampur



Left to Right: Ruchi Kandroo (10th), Sakshi Bhat (9th), Neeshu Bhat (10th)

This picture has been provided by Sh. Bhushan Garoo

These young girls from the Battal Balian refugee camp near Udhampur, who attended the Rishi Memorial School, secured 9th and joint 10th positions in the 8th Grade public examinations conducted by the District Board of Education. More than 8,000 students appeared in the examination from all over Udhampur district, and only the top ten positions were notified in the government gazette. 

Let us celebrate these young girls as a symbol of our community's strength and determination. Members interested in sending congratulatory notes to Ruchi, Sakshi, Neeshu, or the school staff, please send an e-mail message to pamposh_zutshi@hotmail.com. 

Many thanks to KOA membership, especially to those who contributed to KOA Education Fund. 

Background Information:

The Rishi Memorial School is a tangible success story of collective community effort. It educates approx. 175 kids through the 8th grade, an overwhelming majority of whom are refugee Kashmiri Pandit kids. The school employs 17 staff (1 principal, 13 teachers and 3 support staff), out of which 15 are refugees from Kashmir. 

Individuals interested in making tax-exempt contributions, please visit KOA Education Fund.










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