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Waves - Point of View

Dr. Premi Romani

Arjan Dev Majboor is a noted poet of Kashmiri. He writes stories and essays. Possessed of a deep observation he has also emerged as a very good translator (After translating Kalidasí masterpiece Meghdoot). With all this, we can't forget that poetry is his first love. He couldn't escape being influenced by progres≠sive literature and he has to his credit about a dozen of books on poetry and literature in respect of different subjects and themes.
Majboor's Waves is a collection of 30 representative poems. This collection has been translated into English by a very good translator named Arvind Gigoo. Translating a version from one language into another and then maintaining the essence of thought and beauty is really a great work. This is possible only when an artist has to discipline, train and sweat through the labour. This translation work proves beyond doubt that the man behind is quite conversant with using words in right permutations and com≠binations and he has amply succeeded in presenting the ethos and beauty of Kashmir.
- the book flows with different aromas - is somewhere majestic, sometimes sonorous and also a model of tranquility, the overall impact being to soothe and calm down the turbulence and creating peace. The reader is filled with a treasure, a treasure of beauty and harmony. The moods of the Waves have been presented with an artistic depth and everything is invested with a grace.
Portrait of a Child, The Topsy-turvy Tree, Snowman, Fossil, The Star that Fell, The Hungry Man, The Fossil, The City, Loneliness, The Fowl, Rootless
are singular at their own places and composed with a dexterity and in the composition there is a flow of maturity. In Portrait of' a Child, the poet has projected the thinking of a child, the child is shown developing under the strength of feelings. He presents the child as a mould of innocence and perfection, far away from the mundane and he lives in the world of innocence. He has presented very artistically the varying changes and moods which make the child perfect.
The Topsy-turvy Tree is related to the environmental conditions which are degrading. The poet has painted the mental crisis of man - the crisis which is eating into the vitals of things around and then has been presented through tree. Many questions are raised and answers wanted.
is a symbolic composition, depicting Kashmir. Snowman has been presented as a standing and emotional edifice representing nostalgic memories of those who have migrated from Kashmir.
The Star That Fell, The Hungry Man, Loneliness, Secret
are such other compositions which reflect tragedy of ages.
The poem Loneliness represents the helplessness of man and another composition Rootless also reflects the moods and manners of time. The poet has painted the man and his taxed mind, the stresses and anxieties that accompany everyone. The poem bears abundant relevance to the present times.
To the Swan
is a composition through which the poet has probed into the past. The past enters the scenic and natural ethos along with the ups and downs of life. It reflects Majboor's attachment with the vale of Kashmir, overflowing with profundity its beauty, emotions, grandeur and everything that stand for es≠sence of human relationship.
Waves so to say is the story of life and its various varying stages. The book begins with something presenting man. He has portrayed infancy, childhood, youth; he has talked about such periods of life where caution is required and if there are mistakes can lead to dangers. He has identified the various mood of life with the depth of a promising writer. He has then referred to the old age and then the time when man begins to read the end The essence of the book as a whole is measurable in varying mood of a man. If these compositions do not carry the titles, these can run into a mature and a perfect commentary on life.
Arvind Gigoo has with strength of pen dressed the poems into English language and the attempt has borne fruit. This rendering of Majboor's compositions into English is an outstand≠ing example of translator's efforts to pass Majboor across to the world and address the issues. The translator, it seems, has probed with a surgical precision and an intellectual depth into the collection. The translator has managed successfully to maintain and retain the beauty of poems. A great quality of the translatorís work is that translation runs parallel and close to what is contained in the original compositions.

Arjan Dev Majboor



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