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Arjan Dev Majboor, writing in Kashmiri language, living now in Udhampur in the Jammu province, is a major poet and his thirty poems written originally in Kashmiri, have been trans­lated into English by Arvind Gigoo.
Reading all the poems makes one feel the touch of tenderness, sincerity and a dash of serendipity the poet possesses. The poet has the imagination that rides, and he sometimes is lost in comprehensiveness of the thought, and it is happily noted, that gives a tinge of poetic dignity. He is enigmatic in the poem The Topsy-turvy Tree, and what follows is a picture of utter desolation and ruin. He is not optimistic about the world's good things but that does not deter him to see images drawn in Nature but perceived by him like the one a poet constructs in intellect and expresses in imagination, and the embodiment is the poetic cluster. The poet in the poem The New Millennium sees an "eternal Rider coming". He pines for the recovery of lost virtues, but limitation remains bound in the Indian tradition; it does not strive to release itself from the vague to transcend, never gives a flight towards a new height. In the poem The Hungry Man he paints a man very nicely who has no address to knock for the culmination of hunger. The poet has no conflict with politics it surfaces, as a poet is a teacher, a prophet, a builder, a protester, an activist (Remember Gunter Grass). In the poem Chiselled Words he strives for invention of words which will give the world, to say, a total humanity and ideal place to live in. This pellucid approach is laudable. Surrealistic he is and in that case his deftness has known success. In To the Swan there is journey, a search, an option rather a craving for regaining or resur­recting the old phenomena. A vision towards and order of high enlightenment is also earnestly required now. A tomorrow man is a freedom in thought. There are six core thought-depicting draw­ing by Vijay Zutshi. All the English translated poems are congenial and don't give the idea that they are translated. A very good publication.

Arjan Dev Majboor



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