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Robberies and Dacoities of Banks and other Government Institutions

Banks, which are essentially public service institutions, have been rendered the most vulnerable as targets of terrorist attacks. Looting of banks at gun point has been the most remunerative source of income for the militants. Part of the loot is used to acquire more weapons in order to keep up pressure on civilians and administration. It is the people's money which is employed to fund terrorist operations against the same people.

Case No.:
Date: 1.2.90 
Place: Wagoora, Ganderbal 
Three masked youth looted Rs. 2,000 from Dehati Bank and Rs. 2,000 from J&K Bank, Manasbal, Srinagar

Case No.:
Date: 1.8.90 
Place: Hawal Chowk, Srinagar 
Terrorists looted Rs. 29,00,000 from the vehicle of J&K Bank, carrying cash.

Case No.:
Date: 1.9.90 
Place: Dogam, Kupwara 
Some terrorists decamped with Rs. 2,00,000 from J&K Bank, Sogam, Kupwara

Case No.:
Date: 11.9.90 
Place: Pulwama 
Five terrorists entered J&K Bank at Newa, Pulwama and looted Rs. 73,000 at gun point.

Case No.:
Date: 12.9.90 
Place: Anantnag 
Four armed terrorists entered J&K Bank at Shangas, Anantnag, and looted Rs.1,63,500.

Case No.:
Date: 6.10.90 
Place: Anantnag 
Terrorists looted Rs. 1,18,00,000 from J&K Bank, Anantnag.

Case No.:
Date: 15.11.90 
Place: Ganderbal, Srinagar 
Terrorists decamped with Rs. 4,012 from J&K Bank, Ganderbal, Srinagar.

Case No.:
Date: 15.11.90 
Place: LowerMunda, Qazigund, Anantnag 
Terrorists decamped with Rs. 4,29,000 from Octroi Check Post, Lower Munda, Qazigund, Anantnag.

Case No.:
Date: 8.12.90 
Place: Lower Munda, Qazigund, Anantnag 
Terrorists entered J&K Bank, Lal Chowk, Anantnag, and snatched away Rs. 3,22,000 lakh at gun point.

Case No.: 10 
Date: 21.11.90 
Place: Anchar, Soura, Srinagar 
Some terrorists entered J&K Bank, Anchar, Soura, and decamped with Rs. 4,86,983.


Srinagar Passport Office destroyed by a bomb blast.

Case No.: 11 
Date: 21.11.90 
Place: Handwara 
Three terrorists entered into J&K Bank, Handwara, and decamped with Rs. 1,60,000.

Case No.: 12 
Date: 28.11.90 
Place: Tarzoo, Sopore 
Terrorists decamped with Rs. 16,000 from J&K Bank, Tarzoo, Sopore.

Case No.: 13 
Date: 30.11.90 
Place: Dalgate, Srinagar 
Three armed terrorists decamped with Rs. 87,500 from J&K Bank, Dalgate, Srinagar.

Case No.: 14 
Date: 1.12.90 
Place: Sailoo, Sopore, Baramulla 
Three armed terrorists decamped with Rs. 1,00,766 from J&K Bank, Sailoo.

Case No.: 15 
Date: 2.12.90 
Place: Anantnag 
Terrorists entered into the toll post Anantnag and decamped with Rs. 2,500.

Case No.: 16 
Date: 2.12.90 
Place: Nagin, Srinagar 
On the night of December 2/3,1980, unknown terrorists entered into the office of Joint Director, Institute of Animal Health Biology at Zakura, Srinagar, and took away Rs. 1,25,000.

Case No.: 17 
Date: 3.12.90 
Place: Ajas, Baramulla 

Terrorists decamped with Rs. 6,000 from J&K Bank, Ajas.


Case No.: 18 
Date: 3.12.90 
Place: Kupwara 
Torrorists entered the Kamraj Rural Bank at Kupwara and decamped with Rs. 7,900.

Case No.: 19 
Date: 5.12.90 
Place: Akingam, Anantnag 
Terrorists decamped with Rs. 6,900 from J&K Bank, Akingam.

Case No.: 20 
Date: 6.12.90 
Place: Damal Hanjipora, Anantnag 
Terrorists decamped with Rs. 12,900 from J&K Bank, Hanjipora.

Case No.: 21 
Date: 10.12.90 
Place: Badgam 
Terrorists entered into the J&K Bank, Badgam, and decamped with Rs. 55,000.

Case No.: 22 
Date: 2/3.1.91 
Place: Bagh-e-Ali Mardan, Srinagar 
On the night of January 3, terrorists decamped with the cash Rs. 5,10,705 from the cabin of Cashier in the office of Executive Engineer, Rural Water Supply Div., Bagh-e-Ali Mardan.

Case No.: 23 
Date: 3.1.91 
Place: North Baramulla, Baramulla 
On the night of Jan. 2/3, terrorists took away cash amounting to Rs. 42,408 at gunpoint from the office of Dy. Director, Sericultural Dev. Department.

Case No.: 24 
Date: 16.2.91 
Place: Chadura, Badgam 
During the night of February 15/16, one terrorist decamped with Rs 1,27,000 from Cooperative Soclety, Chadura.

Case No.: 25 
Date: 27.3.91 
Place: Hari Singh St., Srinagar 
Armed terrorists decamped with cash from J&K Bank, Hari Singh St., Srinagar.

Case No.: 26 
Date: 31.3.91 
Place: Badgam 
Terrorists took away Rs. 2 lakh from J&K Bank, Badgam.

Case No.: 27 
Date: 17.4.91 
Place: Palampora, Pulwama 
On April 17, armed terrorists robbed cash worth Rs. 1,04,284 from Ghulam Hassan Dar, Cashier of Agriculture Farm, Palampora, Pulwama. However, the amount was later recovered by Police from a field nearby.

Case No.: 28 
Date: 4.5.91 
Place: Trehgam 

Terrorists looted Rs. 50,000 from a bank.


Case No.: 29 
Date: 14.5.91 
Place: Shopian, Pulwama 
Terrorists intruded into J&K Bank, Imam Sahib, Shopian, and decamped with Rs. 3,400

Case No.: 30 
Date: 15.5.91 
Place: Imam Sahib, Pulwama 

J&K Bank looted for Rs. 3,200.


Case No.: 31 
Date: 31.5.91 
Place: Bus Stand, Kupwara 
Terrorists snatched away Rs. 1,15,000 from the Cashier of Animal Husbandry Deptt., at Bus Stand, Kupwara.

Case No.: 32 
Date: 1.7.91 
Place: Parimpora, Srinagar 
Some armed terrorists intruded into Ilaqai Dehati Bank, Parimpora, and decamped with Rs. 7,200.

Case No.: 33 
Date: 1.10.91 
Place: Zainakadal, Srinagar 
Cash van of J&K Bank, Karan Nagar, was attacked and Rs. 30,00,000 were robbed.

Case No.: 34 
Date: 18.10.91 
Place: Kulgam, Anantnag
Terrorists intruded into the treasury of Kulgam and took away Rs. 2,25,206.

Case No.: 35 
Date: 19.10.91
Place: Kulgam 

Terrorists looted Rs. 2,30,00 from Kulgam treasury. 

Case No.: 36 
Date: 1.12.91 
Place: Balhama 
Terrorists looted Rs. 1,10,000 from a vehicle of the Cement Factory, Khrew.

Case No.: 37 
Date: 17/18.12 .91 
Place: Kupwara 

Cooperative Bank, Sogam, was looted for Rs. 23,542.


Case No.: 38 
Date: 1.2.92 
Place: Anantnag 

Terrorists Looted J&K Bank, Ashajipora, for Rs. 2,89,000.


Case No.: 39 
Date: 19.3.92 
Place: Syedpora, Srinagar 
Terrorists decamped with cash of Rs. 69,418 from J&K Bank, Saidapora, Srinagar.

Case No.: 40 
Date: 31.3.92 
Place: Badgam 

Terrorists took away Rs. 2,00000 from J&K Bank, Badgam.


Case No.: 41 
Date: 31.3.92 
Place: Kupwara 
Terrorists broke the lock of J&K Bank, Kupwara, and took away Rs. 99,672.

Case No.: 42 
Date: 15.5.92 
Place: Khanpora, Baramulla 
Terrorists snatched Rs. 3,500 and some documents from a CRPF officer at Khanpora.

Case No.: 43 
Date: 4.8.92 
Place: Zaldagar, Srinagar 
Rs. 2,49,208 and one 12 bore gun was taken away by terrorists from J8K Bank, Zaldgar, Srinagar.

Case No.: 44 
Date: 12.8.92 
Place: Anchar, Srinagar 
Terrorists entered in the J&K Bank, Anchar, and took away Rs. 1,58,000 and also took away 2 rifles of the security.

Case No.: 45 
Date: 22.8.92 
Place: Zainakadal, Srinagar 
Terrorists looted Rs. 5,38,577 and two 303 rifles from J&K Bank, Zainakadal.

Case No.: 46 
Date: 22.8.92 
Place: Latti, Ramnagar 
Terrorists looted Rs. 1,00,000 from J&K Bank, Latti Ramnagar.

Case No.: 47 
Date: 8.10.92 
Place: Srinagar 
A group of terrorists intruded into J&K Bank, Medical College, and took away Rs.6,40,424 and two rifles with 20 rounds.

Case No.: 48 
Date: 15.10.92 
Place: Fatehkadal, Srinagar 
Terrorists intruded into J&K Bank, Fatehkadal, after firing on the BSF guards and took away Rs.1,01,412.

Case No.: 49 
Date: 20.10.92 
Place: Salbug Raithan, Baramulla 
Terrorists looted Rs. 5,00,000 at Shalbug-Raithan, which was being taken under police escort from Sopore to Kreri.

Case No.: 50 
Date: 26.10.92 
Place: Sarafkadal, Nowhata 
Terrorists entered into J&K Bank, Sarafkadal, and took away Rs. 5,91,987.

Case No.: 51 
Date: 30.10.92 
Place: Kupwara 
A sum of Rs.71,181 was looted by terrorists from the Storekeeper, Food and Supplies.

Case No.: 52 
Date: 31.10.92 
Place: Qamarwari, Srinagar 

A sum of Rs.13.000 looted by terrorists from J&K Bank.


Case No.: 53 
Date: 5.12.92 
Place: M.A. Road, Srinagar 

A van of Bank of India was looted of Rs.13,00,000 by terrorists.


Case No.: 54 
Date: 21.12.92 
Place: Pattan, Baramulla 

Terrorists looted Rs.46,500 from Agriculture office.


Case No.: 55 
Date: 30.12.92 
Place: Qamarwari, Srinagar 

Terrorists looted Rs.4,00,000 from the Cashier J&K Forest Corporation.


Case No.: 56 
Date: 11.1.93 
Place: Natipora, Srinagar 

Rs. 1,45,000 were looted from Punjab National Bank.


Case No.: 57 
Date: 11.1.93 
Place: Bhaderwah, Doda 

Rs.14,84,000 looted from Treasury.


Case No.: 58 
Date: 11.1.93 
Place: Mugund, Baramulla 

Rs. 38,000 were looted from Kamraz Rural Bank.


Case No.: 59 
Date: 13.1.93 
Place: Kunzar, Baramulla 

Rs. 62,000 were looted from Kamraz Rural Bank.


Case No.: 60 
Date: 14.1.93 
Place: Pattan, Baramulla 

Rs. 39,800 were looted from J&K Bank.

Case No.: 61 
Date: 14.1.93 
Place: Pulwama 

Rs. 88130 looted from Electrical Department.


Wreckage of the Kathua Bound Passenger Bus in which a powerful bomb exploded killing 19 persons and injured over 30 others, on the Jammu-Pathankot Highway on November 1, 1992.

Case No.: 62 
Date: 15.1.93 
Place: Chowkibal, Kupwara

Rs. 3,43,050 looted trom J&K Forest Corp.


Case No.: 63 
Date: 27.1.93 
Place: Kunzer, Baramulla 

Rs. 63,000 looted from Kamraz Rural Bank.


Case No.: 64 
Date: 17.2.93 
Place: H.S.H.S. 

Rs. 60,000 looted from J&K Bank, Srinagar.

Atrocities in Kashmir



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