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An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri



baaliye hyes ta hosh hay rovum.....

O friend, my mind is all distraught !
Who weaned my lord of love from me ?
Whose witchcraft made him hostile ?
I taught the bulbul songs of love -
Songs that woke up all the flowers.
But I ignored the bird of the mind !
When I poured out my heart to the smiling bush,
The flowers were all aflame with a tearing passion;
I quenched their fire with my tears.
My manifestation, bearing both infidel fragrance
And the colour of the faithful, amazed the garden,
And all hearts of stone decamped in fright.
I posted the poshinool at flower beds
To reveal the truth with a sensible mind,
And inscribe the same on the petals of all flowers.
I dyed my robe in the colour of the sky;
But since it manifested constant change,
My own true colour was lost.
I wanted to know from the horoscope
The date when he and I would meet.
But the jyotshi went wrong, and I was lost.
My many complaints made me lose him at Chhanazal
(Did he suspect a hidden attack ?)
At Tosmaidan he was angry, and I lost him again !
Waking up the dew-drenched bud from sleep,
I saw that he wouldn't last, and gave him
The wine of love, and left him full of nectar.
I bedecked myself with eagerness,
And scent from my body floated wide;
But he chose rather to see my mind !
I made Mahjoor sing songs of love
Which alone can chase the blues away.

That's how I composed my distracted heart.



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