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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri



volaa karayo lolamata laay madno.......

Sweetheart, save one languishing for love !
Let me rock you in my arms,
And seat you in my eyes !
Love's licking flames have burnt up my peace;
Silent anguish will finish me young -
Maybe, it will bring you relief !
What anger shook your faith in me
To make you slowly drift away,
Leaving me so forlorn ?
I gathered rose buds of delight,
But winter's claim came soon
After the brief lease of summer and flowers,
Brushing aside many a hungry desire !
Enticing me in blooming youth,
You soon forsook me, retaining
Not a grain of your pledged affection !
May you live as long as Ruma Rishi,
You are beautiful - the evil eye be spared !
But your beauty makes you vain ! You forget
Each bush bears a thousand identical flowers !
Being cross with me, you chose other belles.
I faced the mockery of rivals and friends,
becoming a target of public taunts.
The houries of Paradise marvel at your features,
Your elegant stance, your winsome gait, and consider
The whole universe as not even your shadow
I cry night and day, longing for you,
But it makes no dent on your compassion.
O, why do you assume such apathy, my love ?
Your barbed shafts and arrows of veiled hints
Bore holes in my heart - my bosom only a lattice now !
O, don't shoot arrows dipped in venom !
How does Mahjoor vanish from your mind,
When his thoughts are the same as yours ?

Is it done giving up your dearest friend ?



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