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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri



khosh rang khoshbo poshi vun gulzaari mohabat........

Eternal are the bright hues and radiance
Of the garden of love,
And love's ethereal resonance,
Unaided by voice or instrument !
Look at the happy camaraderie
Of flowers, each wearing a crown,
Symbol of love's welcome load,
Which I also sport from birth !
Some flowers are ruined by greed,
Thorns by the fire of anger,
It's the devotee of love alone
Who doesn't get destroyed.
Love and self interest these days
Have got mixed like milk and water -
So fine, perhaps, that there's none
Who can separate the two.
Winds howling over the sea of life
Leave a boat tossing on the waves;
Love alone can help it breast the storm,
And reach the distant shore.
Intelligence may not help You
Complete a task for years
But love will lend you lightning speed
To see that it is through.
The parrot picks up tutored speech
With his master's patient toil,
But who in the forest is there to teach
The wild mynah her songs of love ?
Dogmas of religion sow discord
Even between two brothers;
While words of love build a bridge
Between two alien souls.
Lightning is not as swift as love.
Remember, it was a mere touch
Of love's effulgent radiance
That made the universe bright !
When the morning breeze floated in
With the message of love,
All flower branches bowed low,
Accepting the bond with you.
My childhood friends may not remain
With me all the way,
But love will ever abide by me
Till I have reached the goal.
The foolish flower hid his heart,
And waited on the bough for the highest bid,
Not knowing that it's the heart seeks love,
And the gut a bulbul full of love.
The greatest of all royal durbars
Ever held in the world,
Was the one where the king presented
The faqir with his royal crown.
Why fear death, O Mahjoor ?
Death is only an ascension,
Like the dew ascends to reach the sun - 
Helped, of course, by love !


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