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Beacon light of Kashmir Literature – Dr. Brij Premi

By Aseer Kishtwari

Besides being “Heaven on the Earth”, the beautiful Valley of Kashmir has proved a fertile soil for giving birth to a number of great writers, critics, poets, historians, researchers, artists, intellectuals, politicians, religious beacon lights and lovers of art, culture and languages. When one goes through the pages of the literary history of Kashmir, it becomes difficult to choose the greatest man of letters. On the basis of his marvellous contribution towards Kashmir literature , Dr. Brij Premi for his attachment with Kashmir and literature on Kashmir can be easily compared with the literary luminaries like Dr.Sheikh Mohd. Iqbal, Brij Narayan Chakbast, Rattan Nath Sarshar, Tribhuwan Nath Hijar, Anand Narian Mulla, Ramanand Sagar, Kashmiri Lal Zakir, Prem Nath Pardesi, Prem Nath Dhar, Shamim Ahmed Shamin, Mohd, Yousuf Taing, Mohd-ud-Din Fouq and Dr. Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din Sofi etc.. Dr.Brij Premi, who passed away in 1990 is known for his short stories, authoritative work on Saadat Hassan Mantoo and research papers relating to history, geography, art, culture, languages and literature of Kashmir – his motherland.

During the long years of his life from 1949 to 1990 (A.D.) Dr. Brij Premi has contributed as many as twelve good books written in Urdu and Kashmiri languages and some more compilations are yet to see the light. A good number of his english articles, published in Kashmir Today” of the J&K Information Department are being compiled and published by his dedicated son Dr. Premi Romani, who has surprisingly brought out six books of his great father, on his own initiative. For his excellent literary works, Dr. Brij Premi deserves to be called the “Pride of Kashmir Literature” because genius people like him are rarely found in modern Kashmir. Dr. Premi is no more but his writings have made him immortal. The coming generations will continue to remember him, till his treasure of literature is preserved for reading. I have not seen Dr.Premi with my own eyes but the photographs published in his books show him more intelligent, handsome and sharp than his sons especially Dr. Premi Romani. On the eve of 16th death anniversary of Dr.Premi I ventured to pen down a few lines in remembrance of the “ Pride of Kashmir Literature“ who breathed his last on April 20, 1990 in Jammu – soon after mass migration of Kashmiri Pandits in that year.

Dr. Brij Premi was basically a short story writer in Urdu, who started his literary career with his first short story “AQA” (The Lord) which was published in “Amar Jyoti Srinagar” in the year 1949 A.D. “Harif-e-Justujoo” was published in 1982, which became his first publication, containing innovative research cum critical articles on Prem Nath Pardesi and other prominent short story writers of Urdu. His second book titled – “Jalwah-e-SadRang” came out in 1985 which was forewarded by the well known writer and researcher, Mohd Yousuf Taing. While complimenting Dr. Premi, Taing has said that after famous historian Mohd-ud-Din Fouq, Dr.Premi was the first Kashmiri writer who introduced socio-cultural heritage of Kashmir among the world community. Thus it is clear that Dr.Premi has beautifully and successfully highlighted the Kashmir culture in his aforementioned book.

“Saadat Hassan Mantoo-Hayat Aur Karnamay” – published in 1986 –  compelled writers like Professor Mohd. Hassan, former Head of the Urdu Department of Delhi University to comment that it was a landmark work on Mantoo which needed no further additions and alterations. It was on the basis of this book that Dr.Premi was accepted as an authority on Mantoo, in the Indian sub-continent and Pakistan. “Zauq-e-Nazar”, a collection of Urdu articles was published in 1987, in which un-touched aspects of Urdu literature have been artistically explained by the author. Two more books of Dr.Premi – “Shajer Kari” and “Murgbani”, specially written for promotion of adult education got also published in 1987, whereas another of his literary masterpiece “Chand Tehrirain” (A few writings) came out in 1988. This book carries a travelogue, some “Nusri-Marsiyae” (Elegy in prose) on Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah, Prem Nath Bazaz, Kashyap Bandhu, Kuldeep Rana, Som Nath Sadhu etc.. etc.. and articles like Khawaja Mohd Abbas Aur Film, Sadat Hussan Mantoo Aur Film, Upinder Nath Ashq Aur Film, Rajinder Singh Bedi Aur Hindustani-Film, Hindustani Filmoon Key Chand Manzaleen, Devmalayee Kahanyan on Ramayana and Mahabharata and other research articles.

Another well known publication of Dr.Premi – “Kashmir, Kay Mazameen” essays on Kashmir containing informative and well-knit articles on the civilization, culture and scenery of Kashmir Valley, came out in lime light in 1989 as was forewarded by Dr.Hamidi Kashmiri, former Vice–Chancellor of Kashmir University. Dr.Hamidi has appreciated the book with an open heart by calling its author as the second “Fouq” of Kashmir literature. Likewise–“Jammu-wa-Kashmir Mein Urdu Adab Kay Nashunuma”, duly forewarded by PadamShree Moti Lal Saqi came out to the market in 1992. In view of its demand, Dr.Premi Romani, the compilor, had to bring out three consecutive editions of this important book on development of Urdu literature in the J&K State. Despite of having a voluminous book of Professor Abdul Qadir Sarwari on the subject, the compilation of Dr.Premi was highly liked by the lovers of Urdu language & literature for its better comprehension and easy language.

Shri Moti Lal Saqi had prepared a monograph of “Samad Mir” a legend in Kashmiri literature and Urdu translation of the said monograph as made by Dr.Premi, was published by the Sahitya Academy, New Delhi in 1992. Yet another publication of Dr. Premi – Mantoo Katha” was brought out by Dr.Premi Romani in 1994 in which some beautiful and important articles on Saadat Hassan Mantoo have been incorporated for the benefit of the general readers. “Sapnoon Key Sham”, published in 1995, is a collection of Urdu short stories of Dr.Premi. In his foreward prominent Urdu writers Kashmiri Lal Zakir has rightly said that these short stories were worth reading as the essence of realities of social life have been expressed in a befitting manner. The famous short stories in the said book are – “Lumhoon Key Rakh”, “Hansi Key Mout”, Sapnoon Key Sham”, “Mayray Bache Key Salgirah”, “Ujri Baharoon Kay Ujray Phool”, “Manasbal Jub Sookh Gaya” etc.. The book titled “MUBAHIS” ( The Discussions), published in 1997 among other articles also contains an interesting article – “Lumhay Jou Zinda Hain” which is infact a historical interview of Dr.Premi with Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah, on the history, culture, literature and political aspects of Jammu & Kashmir.

Vatsney” (The critical Appraisal) and “Virasat” (The Heritage) are the only two Kashmiri books of Dr.Premi, published by his learned son in 1999 and 2000 respectively. The former book carries articles on the life and literary works of Ghalib, Abul Kalam Azad, Prem Nath Pardesi, Munshi Prem Chand, Bahadur Shah Zafar etc.. whereas Dr.Premi’s Kashmiri short stories and other Urdu write-ups have been incorporated in the latter book. The unpublished matter lying with Dr. Premi Romani includes – “Prem Nath Sadhu – Ahad, Shakhsiat Aur Funkar”, “Prem  Chand Ek Nayee Jehat”, numerous articles written in Urdu and English languages and 350 letters of the late writer written by him to his friends, contemporary writers and fans of Urdu and Kashmiri literature right from 1949 to 1990. Credit goes to Dr.Premi Romani for publishing and preserving the literary works of his illustrious father. He has yet to work hard and publish the remaining valuable works as well. It is in this backdrop that all the living writers aspire to have a son like Dr. Romani, who understands the importance of his late father and works with full dedication in publishing the hidden literary treasure left behind by the departed soul.

My good wishes are always with him.                     

*The author  is a prominent and prolific writer, historian, researcher and poet of the J&K State. He has published many books.  “Focus on J&K” written in English is a comprehensive work on the updated socio-cultural history of the J&K State. Mr. Aseer is presently working as Director Audit & Inspections and Deputy Director Accounts & Treasuries, Jammu. He is the President of J&K Urdu Forum and General Secretary of Rasa Javidani Memorial Literary Society Jammu.  

Source: Kashmir Sentinel



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