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Brij Premi

A Genius in his Art

Every one who knows Urdu knew Dr. Brij Premi. He was a genius in his art. His contribution to the fund of Urdu literature and historiography on Kashmir is well-recognized. Dr. Premi enjoyed high status in the field of Urdu literature at the sub-continental level. He was a highly cultured person, possessed great literary taste and scholars liked to interact with him. Abu Syed Qureshi, well-known Urdu scholar and Mantoís friend said of him: "Premiís love is immortal. I highly appreciate Premiís firmness of mind and inquisitiveness, his interest and love."

Dr. Brij Premi was a multidimensional scholar and served Urdu literature with dedication. He excelled in all genres----short story writing, literary criticism, research etc. He wrote beautiful prose, and avoided being prolix. Dr. Premiís language was lucid, simple and focussed at the average reader. He disliked use of too many Persian words in Urdu vocabularly, which made it unintelligible to the common people. His usage was always appropriate, suited to the requirement of the situation. He did not have to labour for words. These came spontaneously and effortlessly. His elegance in writing kept the reader glued to it. Imagery     in his prose was superb. He gives graphic description, at times relating even the minutest detail and literally transports the reader to the locale\situation he is describing.    This is true of his essays as of his travelogues. At the same time there is no element of exaggeration in this. He was down to earth in his writing.

Dr. Brij Premi was a patriot par excellence. He had deep commitment to the welfare of the downtrodden people. Early in his life he came under the influence of Pandit Prem Nath Pardesi, a great litterateur who subscribed to progressive views. Cultural Front played a vanguard role in heralding a renaissance movement in Kashmiri literature. Dr. Premi was influenced by it and also contributed to it.  He held Left views and has left for posterity two outstanding works ------A literary biography of Prem Nath Pardesi and history of Progressive Writersí Movement in Kashmir. These two seminal works have a permanent place as rich source material for undertaking comprehensive assessment of the Left movement in Kashmir. His progressive ideology brought him in close contact with big names in progressive Urdu literature----Krishan Chander, Ahmed Nadeem Qasimi, Abu Syed Qurieshi, Salam Machli Shahri, Ali Sardar Jafri, Khwaja Ahmed Abbas, Jan Nissar Akhter Dr. Qamar Rais, Prof. Mohd. Hassan, etc. Dr. Premi was also influenced by social realism of Munshi Prem Chand.

Though Dr. Premi contributed much to historiography of Kashmir, his authentic and pioneering work on Saadat Hasan Manto has no rival. There is mounting evidence on how counterfeit academics continue to plagiarize Premiís researches on the great short story writer. Premi was as much influenced by Mantoís social radicalism as by his display of pride in his Kashmiri origins.

Dr. Brij Premi loved Kashmir and was deeply rooted in its spiritual and historical tradition. His excellent work on Kashmirís patron saint-poetess Lalleshwari, on Pir Pandit Padshah, Martand Ruins and admiration   for Shams Faqir, the great Sufiana poet, indicate this. His love for Kashmir was not contrived but natural. He delved deep in to Kashmirís past to keep it alive in the present. His patriotism and catholicity in outlook were outcome of this.

It is a great moment for Kashmir Sentinel, an institution committed to renaissance task, to bring out a commemorative  number, to honour the memory of this great son of Kashmir and Kashmiri Pandit community. Our special thanks go to Dr. Premi Romani, illustrious son of late Dr. Brij Premi , who worked overtime to get  writings of his father translated in time for the issue and also extended cooperation as and when required. We also express our gratitude to Prof. ML Koul, Prof. RK Aima,Prof. HL Misri , Sh. Predhuman K. Joseph K. Dhar, Prof. ML Raina, Sh. MN Kak, Sh. Upender  Ambardar. They are distinguished academicians in their respective fields. It was with the spirit of labour of love that they undertook the difficult task of translation work. Lastly, we thank our guest writers who contributed to this thematic  number.

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