Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari
June, 1984



Kashmir occupies a special plcae in India, because of its geographic location, its scenic spelndour, and its great contributions to the arts and culture of India. In the history of our Republic is written another chapter on th eunique issue of Kashmir. Its strategic position adds one more dimension to the overall security of this sub-continent.

Geographically and climatically Kashmir is the child of the mighty Himalayas receiving in abundance the paternal grace in the form of captivating scenic beauty, lush green pastures and lofty glistening snow covered mountain peaks which capture the changing hues of the brilliant sun, in a hundred thousand ways, the ever gurgling rivers and rivulets and the great lakes of mythological fame. In her valleys grow the rarest of trees and herbs, including the most precious of all flowers - the Kesar (Saffron). In her forest are found the best pines and deodars. From her orchards come apples, apricots, pears, walnuts and cherries of different kinds. On her green meadows graze the lambs bearing the most exquisite wool fit to drape the Gods. Her Dal lake and her house boats, Gulmarg and her glaciers have made her an international tourist spot. What to talk of her temples, the dream of every devout Hindu - the Holy Amarnath where thousands and thousands trek to every year, regardless of inclement weather and a host of other dangers; the Shiva temple, the Kshir Bhawani, all with their lofty associations with great masterminds and the impeccable Shaivite philosophy. Surely the name of Kashmir should conjure up a thrill in all Indians.

Through the following web pages, we invite the attention of the readers, not only to the beauty and grandeur of this land but also the significant contributions made by it to the fine arts and culture of India.


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