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Destruction and Injustice


Destruction and Injustice

The Tribulations Of Kashmiri Pandits

Destruction & Injustice - Front Cover


M. Kaul

Kashmiri   Overseas   Association


The front cover photograph shows the suffering of two women
during the ongoing turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir
(Perhaps a Mother and her Daughter)

The back cover photograph: Just outside Pahalgam, on way to Aaru, looking into Pahalgam direction.

Front photograph was provided by Deepak Ganju and the back cover photo was taken by Maharaj Kaul.

“The story of Kashmiri Pandits is one long struggle against the forces of evil, which have wanted to destroy their culture and identity, stretching over hundreds of years. The one thing that has kept them going so long is their invisible faith in their spirituality, which they need now more than ever to cross their present calamity, which is the greatest they have ever had.”

“Justice comes from the hearts and minds of men and women, when we violate it we inflict a severe wound to the spirit of mankind.”

“Eradication of evil is even more important than the achievement of good. Evil left unremoved for too long seems natural, resistant to change, difficult to fathom – a myth that becomes a part of us.”

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke

“In every trial let understanding fight for you, to defend what you have won.” - The Buddha 



1. The Story Of The Kashmir Problem 

2. Kashmiri Pandits In Historical Perspective

3. The Kashmir Problem

4. Ethnic Cleansing

5. Where Is The Problem?          

6. The Bottom Line In Terrorism

7. Options In The Solution To Kashmir Problem

  • Will War Bring Peace To Jammu And Kashmir? by Subodh Atal

8. What Should Be Done For Kashmiri Pandits

9. References

10. Contributing Authors

*  Presented at Kashmir Day Seminar at Kendal Park, New Jersey, on Oct. 26, 2002










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