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Some Press Comments

Walli showing his painting in one exhibition in 1996.

This picture taken at
Rabindra Bhawan Gallery, Delhi, in 1985, during one of D.N. Walli's exhibitions.

Picture courtesy: Sh. Tej Walli (

Press Cuttings

For all those who like realistic paintings his work has a timeless charm and they should give him a hearty welcome.
- Times of India, Bombay, Jan. 31, 1954.

The great thing about his paintings is that one is happy to live with them life long.
- Indian Express, Bombay, Jan. 30, 1954.

The artist's forte is landscape painting in which he appears to have acquired deep insight and experience.
- Bombay Chronicle, Bombay, Feb. 2, 1954.

Walli wields his brush delicately and picks his colours accurately. The spirit of the enchanted valley has been caught with skill.
- Hindustan Times, Delhi, Dec. 9, 1954.

Ever since the exhibition of American water colours some time back there has been no other exhibition of landscape in the Capital that can be favourably compared with the present exhibition.
- Indian Express, Delhi, Dec. 9, 1954.

Unlike others he has tried to express through the difficult medium of transparent water colours and in most cases he has succeeded. A sensitive landscape painter Walli has an unmistakable eye for observing nature from different angles. He has a genuine feeling for expression.
- Hindustan Standard, Delhi, Dec. 9, 1954.



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