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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri



The Charge Sheet

O, you fugitive Pandit,
you Batta migrant,
wandering like a vagrant,
why do you run away,
your motherland to betray,
that waits for deliverance
from cruel Indian governance?

Lured by Jagmohan-
ace infidel, arch villain-
to those plains of dust and sand
and the promised plots of land,
for petty doles, cash and kind,
leaving the tyrannised Muslims behind
canon-fodder to Indian guns,
to be bombed out of existence.

You betrayers of Azadi,
chicken hearts and cowards,
flying like frightened birds
to those pigeon holes
spurning all that is dear,
cheating your Mauj Kasheer.

Together we had lived and suffered,
together we should have persevered,
and fighting side by side,
accepted death in its stride
for the noble cause divine
that frees us from the Indian swine.

You do not have to care
when we are with you here,
nor get a scare
by a few threatening letters,
phone calls, or warning posters
or when taken away in fetters
for a little interrogation
if only to clear the notion
that you have something to hide
and are not bona fide;
and if your kin get killed,
throttled, drowned, hanged or peeled
for being unholy members
moles and informers
agent provocateurs.

If you had a clean record
why run away of your own accord
to spread lies about us
besmirching Azadi thus.

Mischief-mongers, self-seekers,
deceivers, double-dealers,
with your renewed treachery
you hatch another conspiracy
to carve out a place from our land
you dare call your Homeland?

As the revolution reaches every door,
Inshallah in a few months more,
Nizame-Mustafa as of yore
will be here once more.

Srinagar - April 1990



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