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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri



Kashmir - Lust for Savagery

Mere threats are but a thing of the past
calumny, abuse something to last
physical assault a mere routine
loot and arson a common sport
kidnapping a happy pastime
extortion and rape a staple diet
pistols and guns an inane sight
plain murder a tame dish
RDX and bombs something to relish.

The eyes seek a gory scene
more tantalising, never before seen
of bodies hacked, sawed, nailed
eyes gouged out, ears sliced
tongues chopped off, noses levelled
joints twisted, ligaments torn
bones crushed to rubble and sand
hair wrenched from its roots
skin pinched, burnt, peeled
throats slashed, heads severed
bellies ripped open, genitals snipped
the viscera thrown to hungry dogs
and the remains urinated and spat upon
to put to shame beast and demon.

The heart craves more violent death
many a death for every breath
a bomb blast in a busy bazaar
bodies blown to bits and shreds
limbs, torsos, faces and heads
raining down from the sky
here, there, low and high
blood flowing down the drains
and nothing human that remains.

Jammu - September 1995



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