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An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri



Frankenstein Monster

Why donít you let me be
and leave me to my fate,
why follow me
here in exile,
my ex-mate?

During the peak of exodus
when I was on the run
you came to me
and lackadaisically
advised me to stay on
but added that you yourself
were so afraid of the gun
and hardly in a position
to stop the killers
nor anyone.

While you adopted this ruse
rather nonchalantly,
I was given to understand
that you had joined,
albeit clandestinely,
those forces let loose
and arraigned against me.

Having thus contrived and
forced me to flee
you also fuelled a rumour
in the manner of a busy bee
that I had renounced everything
and so had thousands of others,
in a mass hysteria of wanderlust,
wilfully forsaken the paradise-
our brothers, sisters and others-
our homes, hearths and habitation
of five thousand years!

Alas! to your horror
now when you find
yourself in a terrible bind
as your own kith and kin
set upon you colour-blind,
it does seem my foreboding
today rings loud and true
that the monster you helped create
one day verily would consume you.

Now you follow me in exile,
and appease your curiosity awhile,
to look at my barren state,
compare your fate with mine,
to share with me a moment
and possibly give free vent
to your choked sentiment
in the freedom of this refugee tent.

I beseech you, my friend,
either let me be
or speak of anything to me
except about the madness
that made me flee.

Jammu - December 1995



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