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Presidential Address Kisan Conference 
May 11, 1946

Legal Document No 99


The movement of the toiling masses in the world has awakened us also. We have begun to look at the freedom struggle of our country front a different angle. Now political freedom alone is not our cherished goal. We demand and crave for social, economic and spiritual emancipation as well. The toiling masses of the subcontinent of India not only want to throw away the yoke of foreign imperialism but are also keen to free themselves from the bondage of indigenous feudalism and capitalism. The day of deliverance from alien rule is not far off. Events bear testimony to the fact that the British cannot stay long in India. There is awakening in-the country and the British cannot hold it in subjugation. But let me pose a question. Who will replace the British authority in India? Will there be a government of the upper classes or one representing the toiling messages? This is the main and the biggest problem facing the country at present.

The upper class Hindus, having thrown into background the question relating to the future Government of India, are engaged in the dispute over Akhand Hindustan with a view -to preserve their vested interests. Their counterpart among Muslims demand the establishment of Pakistan for identical reasons. But we stand neither for the one nor for the other. We believe that so long as it is not decided who the future rulers are to be we can neither support Akhand Hindustan nor side with the demand for Pakistan. Our first task is to do away with the prevailing social and economic inequality and injustice and lay the foundations of a new and just order of society. It is only when this objective is achieved that the people of India can themselves decide whether they want to preserve the unity of the country or device it. At the present moment the basic problem referred to above aces not receive necessary attention. The supporters of Akhand Hindustan and Pakistan want to preserve the present social order which is dominated by capitalists and feudalist. That being so the toiling masses can have least interest in this scramble for power.

Following in the footprints of the workers of Europe we have to put an end to the capitalistic and feudalistic social -order so that a new society based on social justice and equality is brought into being. We want an end of all kind of exploitation so that the peasants are not tyrannized and the mill-owners pet no opportunity to rob the workers of the fruits of their labour. All laws aimed at sucking the blood of the toiling masses need to be repealed and abolished. We want establishment of a society which will guarantee to the workers fullest opportunity for progress.

The freedom movement in our State is now fifteen years old. The toiling masses have nourished it by undergoing supreme financial and physical sacrifices but without any good to them. Only the upper classes have benefited by it. They have not only been able to preserve their vested interests but have also added to these. The reason is that both the toiling masses and the upper classes took part in this struggle and whereas the former fought for freedom, the latter used it to their advantage. Why it happened so is not difficult to understand. We had been entertaining hazy and vague notions about our goal so far. But now the Freedom Movement has reached a new stage. The toiling masses and the upper classes have fallen out. We want to revolutionize the present unjust society so that the toiling masses get their political and economic rights. This we call real freedom.

Till now the upper classes exploited us because we were not clear about our goal but they find that such exploitation is not possible in future. Freedom for us means establishment of a new social order in our country which knows no exploitation and guarantees equal social, economic and political status for all. Our moment aims at affording all the opportunities and facilities to the toiling masses here in our country which a man in this world is entitled to. The upper classes have raised communal slogans so that the masses are misled in the name of religion. Also with a view to preserve their vested interests the upper classes have founded parties in the name of the nation and the country. The toiling masses have nothing to do either with the communal organizations or the so-called nationalist parties. Our struggle knows no communal barriers or nationalist prejudice. We are hostile to all distinctions based on colour, creed or race. We believe in a society which is free from the evils of landlordism, capitalism and feudalism and which is opposed to exploitation of man by man.

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