Faces of glory.
Community leaders.

Nityanand Shastri
Nityanand Shastri was not only just an academician, he was equally active in the social and cultural fields. While being the president of Sanskrit Sahitya Parishad, a Sanskrit literary organisation he founded in 1930, he also established a charitable trust named Vanita Ashram to help widows and destitutes.

Pandit Govind Kaul
A profound Kashmiri scholar of the late 19th century. Pandit Govind Kaul, who rendered most valuable assistance to Aurel Stein in translating Rajatarangini, is today almost a forgotten man. There are hardly a handful of Kashmiri Pandits who may be aware of his great erudition and the range of his scholarly pursuits.

Pandit Mukund Ram Shastri
From archaeology and paleography to Kashmir history to Kashmir Shaivism to grammar and literature Mahamahopadhyaya Pandit Mukund Ram Shastri strode like a colossus in almost every field of Kashmir studies at the turn of the 19th century and in the early years of the twentieth.

Pandit Sahaz Bhat
The legendary Unani hakim of Kashmir, Pandit Sahaz Bhat, was a profound scholar also. His miracle cures remain etched on public memory and have given to Kashmiri parlance a proverb commonly used even now.

Pandit Prem Nath Shastri
Pandit Prem Nath Shastri’s role during his life time did not remain confined to just carrying ahead a family tradition but in institutionalising it in such a way that its relevance in the social life of Kashmiri Pandits only increased with each day.