Festivals of Kashmiri Pandits.
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The Festivals of the Kashmiri Pandits
The pious and compassionate Kashmiri Rishis did not neglect the nagas and rakshasas who were the original tribesmen living in this land. They made arrangements to satisfy their needs acid requirements from time to time. 

Yagnopavit is symbolic of the initiation of a householder into performing his threefold duties to the household, to his devas, and to his pitras - hence the three strands with brahmagandh or divine knot and three ways of wearing it.

A Kashmiri Pandit Marriage
Kashmiris first match the teknis (horoscopes) of the prospective bride and groom. Besides this, the other factors which are taken into consideration while selecting a match are the background, status and moral character of the family of the prospective match and their close relatives.

Shivratri (Herath)
Shivratri is the crown of our festivals, and is spread over a full fortnight of the Phalguna month. Among the KPs this is known as Herath, a phonetic derivation of Har-ratri the night of Hara (Shiva). It is a socio-religious function that is the very part of our life.

Navreh is the lunar new year which is celebrated in Kashmir and many other parts of the country. This coincides with the first day of the Chaitra (spring) Navratras.

Pun Deun
This is a traditional celebration which almost all Kashmiri families celebrate in the month of Bhadron (August/September) by preparing very delicious Roths of wheat pan-cakes) which are fried in Ghee (Butter).