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Short stories and folktales of Kashmir.

Stories by Dr. Harikrishna Kaul
Harikrishna Kaul is one of the major Kashmiri playwrights of the modern era. He started his literary career during his college days in early fifties, writing short stories in Hindi. He continued writing in Hindi till mid-sixties when he switched to writing in Kashmiri and immediately established himself as a major Kashmiri playwright and short story writer.

Folk Tales from Kashmir
Nine hundred years ago a remarkable collection of stories called Kathasaritsagara, the ''Ocean of Stories", was produced in Kashmir. Somadeva, its author, is said to have included in this tome many stories which he had heard from others and which, in fact, had their origin in folk-literature.

Ticklish Stories

Ticklish Stories
Plain narrations, conflicting psyches, clashes of self-interest fool-hardiness of conceit and egoism, heights of human attachments, potential confusion and chaos inheriting all misunderstandings and mischief as against the wisdom of sincerity of purpose and fearless frankness; and above all illiterate's intelligence versus the experts stark-ignorance are some of the problems highlighted in these twenty-one odd stories.

Autumn Leaves: Kashmiri Reminiscences
Kashmir has a unique tradition of recording history. This book, in this tradition, presents the intimate life of a Kashmiri in the post-independence era. Such a personal story is a rarity in India. Ram Nath Kak draws compelling vignettes of everyday life;

5 Short Stories for the Young by M.K. Raina.