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Publications of IILS

The IILS has published the following books:

  • Lexical Borrowings in Kashmiri by Ashok K. Koul, 2008. Rs 250.

  • Readings in Quantitative Linguistics edited by Panchanan Mohanty and Reinhard Kohler, 2008. Rs 400.

  • Language Culture and Society edited by Panchanan Mohanty and Ramesh C Malik, 2008. Rs 400.

  • Urdu : Script and Vocabulary by Ashok K Koul, 2008. Rs. 250.

  • Kashmiri-English Dictionary by Jawahir Lal Tickoo, 2006. Rs.400. 

  • Panjabi Phonology: A Sociolinguistic Study by Sukhvinder Singh, 2006. Rs. 300.

  • Marathi: A Study in Comparative South Asian Languages by Kashi Wali, 2006. Rs 700 

  • Compound Verbs in Kashmiri by Vijay Kumar Kaul, 2006. Rs 200.

  • A Dictionary of Kashmiri Proverbs by Omkar N. Koul, 1992, 2006. Rs. 400.

  • Spoken Kashmiri : A Language Course by Omkar N.Koul, 1987, 2006. Rs. 300.

  • Language Education and Communication by Omkar N Koul, 2005. Rs. 400. 

  • Studies in Kashmiri Linguistics by Omkar N Koul, 2005. Rs 400. 

  • Perspectives of Linguistics: Papers in Honor of P J Mistry  edited by Ritva Laury, G. McMenamin, S. Okamoto, V. Samiian, KV. Subbarao, 2003. Rs 600.

  • Topics in Kashmiri Linguistics edited by Omkar N.Koul and Kashi Wali, 2002.

  • Sociolinguistics and Language Education edited by Omkar N. Koul and P. Umarani, 2001.

  • Negation in South Asian Languages by Tej K.Bhatia, 1995.

  • Language Development and Administration edited by Omkar N. Koul,1994

  • Punjabi Language and Linguistics : An Annotated Bibliography by Omkar N.Koul and Madhubala, 1992.

  • A Pedagogical Grammar of Punjabi by Narinder K.Dulai, 1989.

  • A Sociolinguistic Study of Kashmiri by Maharaj K.Koul, 1986.

  • Language in Education by Omkar N. Koul, 1983.

  • Kashmiri : A Sociolinguistic Survey by Omkar N. Koul and Ruth Laila Schmidt, 1983.

  • Kohistani to Kashmiri : An Annotated Bibliography of Dardic languages by Ruth Laila Schmidt and Omkar N.Koul, 1983.

  • Functional Stylistics by V. Prakasam, 1982.

  • Modern Hindi Grammar by Omkar N. Koul, (Dunwoody Press, 2008) US$ 45. IILS Reprint (Forthcoming).

  • Modern Kashmiri Grammar by Omkar N. Koul and Kashi Wali, (Dunwoody Press 2006)US$45. IILS Reprint (Forthcoming).

  • Kashmiri Newspaper Reader by Omkar N Koul (Dunwoody Press 2008) IILS Reprint (Forthcoming).

  • Punjabi Newspaper Reader by Omkar N Koul and Madhu Bala (Dunwoody Press 2007). IILS Reprint (Forthcoming)

  • Kannada Newspaper Reader by S S Yadurajan (Dunwoody Press 2004). IILS Reprint (Forthcoming)

  • Telugu Newspaper Reader by Paramdham Reddy and  KVVL Narasimharao (Dunwoody Press 2004). IILS Reprint (Forthcoming)

  • Gujarati Newspaper Reader by Madhu Sampat (Dunwoody Press 2005). IILS Reprint (Forthcoming)

  • Sindhi Newspaper Reader by K L Lekhwani (Dunwoody Press 2009). IILS Reprint (Forthcoming)

  • Hindi Language and Linguistics: An Annotated Bibliography by Omkar N.Koul, (forthcoming)

  • Journal

    The IILS brings out a biannual journal South Asian Language Review published in January and June beginning with January 1991. It publishes papers on the theoretical as well as applied aspects of language and linguistics and book reviews.

    Yearly Subscription:
    India: Rs 200 (Institutional-prepaid or invoiced)
    Rs 100 (Individual-prepaid)
    Elsewhere: US $ 32 (Institutional-prepaid or invoiced) Air Mail
    US $25 (Individual -prepaid) Air Mail

    Papers, book reviews and books for review and communication regarding editorial matters may be sent to the editor at the following address:

    Omkar N Koul
    Editor SALR
    C-13, Greenview Apartments
    Plot No. 33, Sector 9, Rohini,
    Delhi - 110085



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