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Inner Strength

by JPN Trakru

Man is born with a blue print from the past as a carry forward of all his deeds or misdeeds. With a new environment and a fresh opportunity provided he can try once again to mend his ways or plug in the pot holes, which he mined on his last sojourn. If you are lucky enough to come across a divine Guru, as a guide to light your path, think yourself blessed. The inverting darkness of ignorance that discriminated you from the light house of your Atma, that was your birth right, can be spiritually lifted with the loving benevolent father once again beckons you into ‘His’ fold.

The simplicity of Siddha path is open to one and all to heal us in Body, Mind and Soul in order to reverse the process from where we stand today. No prerequisites are required except the will to be healed. When faith in your own stamina is lost, it has an easier inflow towards another way of life, not hard to tour. Avdhoot Baba Shivananda’s (He is belongs to the Siddha lineage initiated by Bhagwan Nityananda) approach is so unbelievably simple that it is hard to believe the results till they actually show up. With simple chanting of god’s name, that is proclaimed as beneficial by every religion, Baba takes you to inaccessible dimensions. In fact, he does it all single handedly on the strength of his own Sadhana, what he transfers to us is sheer grace, a divine blessing and a benediction.

Chanting :
Most unobtrusively, revered Baba asks the audience to just sit with their eyes shut, and he undertakes to do the rest himself. With this one singular gesture which seems the easiest for any seeker to fulfill, he achieves tremendously. The total misleading by the eyes that has become the gateway of perception to all the senses of the body potential are immediately given the “shutters down” order to disconnect with the entire outside panorama at one stroke! The reversed sight or the insight is immediately switched on to the internal hemisphere on its first step towards unbounded infinity. There one contacts the essential ingredients of the human frame viz. the basic breath rhythm, the seven Chakras through which all outer stimuli makes an entry and the mind ego connection that separates us from the substratum-the Atma. Exploring within the higher domains through meditation seems to take one directly to the path of self-realization or the realization of what the self looks like today and what it can become after the cleansing process.

Value of Chanting :
Each body cell has its own frequency. With each movement, there is vibration and sound. To create harmony they have to move in unison. To create harmony they have to move in unison. Whenever, rhythm or harmony is disrupted there will be disease and disorder. One of the pivotal practices of Siddha marg is chanting. Congregational chanting has a most significant effect on the body and mind and due to the vibrating energy that it produces. Human cells respond to pure vibrations born of mantras of the Holy name and thus internal harmony is restored. Of all healing sounds that are the most potent, are redeeming names of God that have transforming powers to purify and lift one to a higher state of awareness. Its importance lies in making it the centrifugal force of life. Chants calm, clear and help the mind to rejuvenate beyond compare. Each word uttered leaves a subtle impression, erasing by its positivity the previous negative imprints. The pure syllables of the names of God are a powerful breakthrough into the mass of irrelevant thought process. They open up the higher state of awareness, bringing in clearer perception of us. Bathing in these purifying sounds opens up our heart, especially when we invoke ‘His’ presence and consequently we feel uplifted. Then our most stubborn and inborn faults are dissolved and annihilated.

Many of us visit the Babulnath temple. What do we find there? Yes! there is a Shiva ling with a snake coiled up around him in three and a half circles. Above this idol of Shiva ling and snake, housed over a stand with three legs is an earthen pot filled with water. There is a hole in this pot from where water is dripping down below. That’s how we offer water to Shiva as a mark of obeisance. In exactly the same manner there is a ling in the Muldhara Chakra of every human being. Kundalini Shakti-the serpent power-is coiled around Muldhara Chakra exactly in three and a half circles. Kundalini in Muldhaara Chakra is in dormant form. From Sahastrasar Chakra, elixir drips down on the shivaling drop by drop. The tripod like contraption in Shivaling is comparable to the three nadis i.e. Ida, Pingla and Sushana.

Ida and Pingla represent the force of the Moon and Sun respectively. This is a beautiful symbolic description of Shiva. It has been said that man is a replica of God. Our Siddhas have imparted this sacred knowledge in our Vedas, Puranas, Upnishads and other holy scriptures.

Shivpanchakshri Mantra 'Namah Shivaya' :
This mantra is drawn from the five elements of nature namely, Earth, Sky, Water, Air and Fire. This mantra is capable of cleansing up all these elements. Seed of this bija mantra has all the characteristics of its parent body. Shiva panchakshari mantra is evolved from the five seeds of aforesaid natural elements (Namah Shivaya) NA- consecrates Prithvi Tatav. Ma- Jal Tatva, Shi- energizes Agni Tatva, VA- Energizes Vayu Tatva and finally YA- Energizes Akash Tatva. ‘OM’ purifies Brahma Tatva and crown Chakra. 

Source: Milchar



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