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Kargil 1999

India was locked in a war of full-scale proportions in Kargil and Drass sectors where the same enemy had penetrated to realise its strategic goals for purposes of annexing and grabbing Kashmir. Despite being a failed state, Pakistan has not reconciled to the reality of Kashmir as an integral part of the political and constitutional organisation of India. To alter the existing political status of Kashmir, Pakistan waged three full-blown wars to effect demographical and political changes in the northern borders that have assumed strategic importance in the present geo-political  scenario.

This war was imposed on India and engineering by the erswhile general Parvez Musharraf without the knowledge of his own Prime Minister Nawaz Sherif. Musharaf, who should be tried in the International courts for his war crimes, later on became the President of Pakistan by staging a coup against a democratically elected government under the pretext of getting rid of corruption in Pakistan. With whatever is happening in Pakistan right now, anyone can say that as you sow, so shall you reap.

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Towards Understanding the War

Kargil Intrusion

Beyond the Intelligence Failure
Pak Intrusion in Kargil
Kargil: Threshold of Crusades
Before and After Kargil
Kargil - From Peace to War
Kargil Crises, Response and Reactions
'Operation Turtuk'
Kargil: The Wider Ramifications
Pakistan's Real Intentions Behind Such an Adventure
Pakistan Objectives in Kargil
Simmering Ladakh
Role of Shridhar Kaul Dullu in Ladakh War
Kargil at a Glance
Col. Chhewang Rinchen
Gen. Pervez Musharraf
Benazir's Role
US Shift on Kargil - The Undertones
China's Supportive Stance on Kargil
How Muslim World Reacted on Kargil



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