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Section One

Interlogue - 1

In wonder, one gets absorbed into thinking whether these honey-sweet Vaakhs: Shruks and poems of the three saint poets described in this volume, that appeal to the heart, and stimulate the mind, are innate, intuitive or oozing fountains of eternal knowledge or clairvoyance.

Lalleshwari's inner sunlight, emanating from the navel region, and the inner moonlight of subtle "Sahasrara", at the crown of the head, comprise but two of the seven stages or "Chakras " on the patch of "KUNDALINI" from "MULADHARA", at the base of the spinal cord, to Sahasrara at the top.

The "Yogis" in their God consciousness stage are thrilled at the soft glow of the inner, serene light during their yogic Sadhana as per Swami Laxmanjoo of revered memory (K.S. Nov Dec 1992)……while Shams Tabrez, a wandering Darvesh intoxicated Moulana Rumi with wine of the love of the Lord, the Shaivites cum Sufis consider humans as temples of light. They see visions of glorious colour patterns in the pearly cities of heaven

Thus Shaivism and Sufism are akin-twins in principle and, dipped apparently in different exoteric and esoteric religious practices. The two finally seem to converge at the same focal point of self realisation and self consciousness. They become one with "PURASHA" the supreme soul --- "SUHUM" (I am Thee)  Suhum is not egoistic. "I am thee " but a normal expression meaning, an intrinsic part of the whole— Shiva.

This culminates into Nature's unity in Diversity---, a light house of peace, plenty, harmony and universal brotherhood.

Says the Lord in the Gita: (Chapter 7, Shalok 29 and Chapter 9 Shalok 21,22). 'Faith is the basis of all Devotion' no matter, whatever the mode of worship or the form of the focussing object that may be used in meditation or prayer. And that the Lord is present in all human beings high or low, without any distinction of caste creed or clime.

Note:- Although the phrase 'Focal point' had been frequently discussed during informal and random discussions among a homogenous group of intermediate students (11th&12th Class). Yet it came to the notice in print by the author only recently recorded by an European writer.



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