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  Section One: Lalleshwari (Lalded)
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Section Three

Swami Parmanand

Parmanand (1791-1879)
Philosopher Poet of Kashmir
My thanks and gratitude are due to Sh. M. L. Kaul,
President Kashmir Pandit Sabha of Bombay and Sh. P. N. Wanchoo
for the supply of a photostat copy of my article and
portrait published in the souvenir of MILCHAR of 1973

Table of Contents

Bio-Data and Background information
Whereas Lalla remains unparalled upto date in her mystic sayings, yogic practices and depth of thought in the whole field of Kashmiri literature, Nund Reshi and Parmanand are the undisputed topmost Rishis of the Religious philosophical thoughts of their respective cults. 
Paramanand Poems (Translated)
According to Pt. Shiv Ji Krandigami, Yoga is not anything on the earth, or big-sphere. If it is anything, it is a bond between the body and the soul, as also the connecting link between the soul and the supreme Soul. Oneness, integration and kinship i.e. undistinguishable dissolution with the infinite.
Interlogue - III
By now the reader must have fully acquainted himself with profile and early life-style of Swami Nand Ram Paramanand who lived in natural surroundings of supreme beauty on the banks and around the river Liddar in South Kashmir. He was an honest, self-regarding humanistic revenue clerk (Patwari). Later on he, engaged himself in religio-philosophical discourses with great saints, elevated spiritualists and eminent intellectuals who thronged to the Mattan Tirtha from all comers of the Country.


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