KOA Newsletter Released …

KOA Newsletter for 1st. Quater of 2017 has been released. Please click here to read the newsletter.


KOA East Coast Camp 2017

Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA) is pleased to announce 2017 East Coast Camp from July 1st to July 4th at beautiful Turf Valley Resort, located centrally in Baltimore – Washington, DC Region.  For details, please click here

Kashmiri Overseas Association, Inc. (KOA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt socio-cultural organization registered in Maryland, USA.


The KOA’s mission is to promote Kashmir Pandit ethnic and socio-cultural heritage (language, history, art, etc), celebrate religious festivals of importance to Kashmiri Pandits; provide financial assistance to needy and deserving Kashmiri Pandit individuals, educational institutions, places of worship and shrines, both in the US and in India; and preserve historical monuments and sites of religious and cultural significance in Kashmir, India.


The KOA shall serve as the premier Kashmiri Pandit institution with a fundamental purpose that lies in promoting Kashmiri Pandit heritage and its way of living, Kashmiri Brahmanism and its philosophies; and be a center of social learning that caters to the spiritual, cultural, physical, humanitarian and educational needs of the community.

KOA President (2017-2018)

Dr. Shakun Munshi Malik

Dr. Shakun Munshi MalikThe experience of serving as Zone 4 director and as a Board Member over the last two years has been very enriching to Dr. Shakun Malik.

She considers Kashmiri Pandits a part of an extended family. “Our families all look and think different and it’s always been so. Families are whom you love because it provides support and a framework of values to each of its members. Family members teach each other, serve one another and share life’s joys and sorrows”. A family works together to overcome struggles and to provide happiness to each of its members.

“An important characteristic of our community should be our consciousness of belonging to it. Our loyalty can be called our community spirit”.
“Together let us desire, conceive, and create the new structure of the future in one unity”.
“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”
― Winston S. Churchill

Shakun Malik is a graduate of Kashmir Medical College and is serving as the head, Thoracic and Head & Neck Cancer Therapeutics at the Clinical Investigations branch of National Cancer Institute/NIH. She is married to Rajat Pamposh Malik (a gastroenterologist by profession) and has two children, Raeva and Hersh.

KOA Youth Talent and Artist Competition Results

I am so excited to announce the winners of our KOA Youth Talent and Artist Competition! This was our first competition and we were overwhelmed with the positive response, so thank you all for your participation. The parents of the other participants are welcomed to post their child’s entry on the KOA Youth Facebook group. Everyone in this competition is a winner and will receive a $25 gift certificate and a certificate of participation as a token of our appreciation! The winners of our 2 competitions are as follows:


  1. Pearl Raina – link
  1. Ria Dhar – link
  1. Medha Fotedar – link

Youth Talent

  1. Rakshita Ganjoo – link
  1. Saguna Raina – link
  1. Surya Ambardar – link

Congratulations again!

Somya Kaul

KOA Youth Coordinator