KOA Achievement Awards – 2014

Dear Community Members,
Namaskar !
It gives me immense pleasure to share the announcement of KOA Achievement Awardees for 2014 by Professor Hira Koul, Chair, KOA Achievement Awards screening committee. Professor Hira Koul was assisted by Professor Autar Kaw in the selection process. The following applicants were selected for  KOA achievement awards – 2014 :
1. Sheena Ganju Daughter of Mr. Sidharth Ganju and Mrs. Jyoti Ganju from Duluth, GA.
2. Meghna Kaul Daughter of Dr. Rajeev Kaul and Dr. Deepti Pandita from Plymouth, MN.
3. Raj K Raina Son of Mr. Abhinav Raina and Mrs. Reeta Raina from Novi, MI.
4. Sagar Tikoo Son of Mr. Ajay Tikoo ( Secretary, KOA ) and Mrs. Vaneeta Tikoo from West Windsor, NJ.
On behalf of KOA Board of Directors and Executive Team , I would like to congratulate these torchbearers of our community along with their proud parents. I would like to request these gems along with their proud parents to attend our KOA East Coast Camp scheduled for July 3rd through July 6th, 2014 where we would like to publically felicitate them for their achievements.
On behalf of KOA Board of Directors and Executive Team , I would like to immensely thank Professor Hira Koul and professor Autar Kaw for their continued involvement and painstaking screening of applicants.
Please go through the attachments provided by professor Hira Koul which includes a brief bio of the awardees and their pictures.
Respectful regards,
Surinder Kaul

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