KOA Annual General Body – December 15, 2013
Minutes of the Meeting

The Annual General Body Meeting, which was conducted as a telephonic conference call, was held on December 15, 2013 at 5PM (EST). All KOA members and donors were invited to this meeting as per the requirements prescribed by the Bylaws.

The following were the main agenda items for this Annual General Body meeting:
• President’s statement and oath of Allegiance with other KOA Officers and Members
• Update on Membership.
• KOA Financial Status.
• Recognition of volunteers.
• Program Directors’ presentation on their programs.
• Fundraising for KOA programs
• Questions and Answers

The following table indicates which Board members, Executive team members, and Program Directors were present in the meeting:

  • Dr. Surinder Kaul, President Yes
  • Dr. Nirmala Mitra, Director Zone 1 Yes
  • Mrs. Arti Kaul, Director Zone 2 Yes
  • Mrs. Rajni Kaul, Director Zone 3 Yes
  • Mr. Rahul Tikoo, Director Zone 4 Yes
  • Mrs. Madhu Moza, Director Zone 5 Yes
  • Mr. Suresh Sus, Director Zone 6 Yes
  • Mr. Naveen Dhar, Director Zone 7 Yes
  • Mrs. Veena Kaul, Director Zone 8 No
  • Mr. Sanjay Dhar, Vice-president and Director Zone 9 Yes
  • Dr. Amrit Nehru, Director Zone 10 No
  • Mr. Rajeev Kaul, Treasurer Yes
  • Mr. Ajay Tikoo, Secretary Yes
  • Dr. Chand Bhan, Director Medical Program Yes
  • Mr. Pran Kaul, Director Sponsor a Child Program Yes
  • Dr. Tej Kaul, Director Education Assistance Program Yes
  • Prof. Hira Koul, Director Scholarship Program No

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