KOA Calendar

Download 2013-14 KOA Calendar

Dear KOA Members,

Namaskar !

It was brought to my attention by Zonal Directors from Zone 4 ( Mr. Rahul Tikoo )and Zone 9 ( Mr. Sanjay Dhar ) that KOA members are requesting for KOA Calendar for 2013- 2014. On such popular demand coming from membership, I requested Mr. Lalit Koul from Boston to come out with a PDF file of the calendar. Lalit Ji took a special interest and converted Koshur calendar into KOA calendar and I am very happy to circulate it with members through KOA forums. Thanks Lalit Ji for your express service. I on behalf of my Board and Executive convey profound thanks. This is really a very beautiful calendar and I am sure that you will find it very useful.

Ideally we would have printed these calendars for you but given that seven months have already passed and it will take another two months for printing and distribution, I have decided to send this PDF file for your viewing and record keeping. You may individually print them and use it to your convenience. Inconvenience is deeply regretted.

I do realize that we have many senior members who may not have access to Internet. May I request all Zonal Directors to identify such members and kindly print these calendars and make some arrangement for its distribution for such members. It will be deeply appreciated.

Respectful regards,

Surinder Kaul.

Download 2013-14 KOA Calendar