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KOA Organizational Structure

KOA Organizational Structure

KOA Executive Committee – Year 2017-18

Dr. Shakun Munshi Malik

President, CEO, and Chairperson of Board

Dr. Shakun Munshi MalikThe experience of serving as Zone 4 director and as a Board Member over the last two years has been very enriching to Dr. Shakun Malik.

She considers Kashmiri Pandits a part of an extended family. “Our families all look and think different and it’s always been so. Families are whom you love because it provides support and a framework of values to each of its members. Family members teach each other, serve one another and share life’s joys and sorrows”. A family works together to overcome struggles and to provide happiness to each of its members.

“An important characteristic of our community should be our consciousness of belonging to it. Our loyalty can be called our community spirit”.
“Together let us desire, conceive, and create the new structure of the future in one unity”.
“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”
― Winston S. Churchill

Shakun Malik is a graduate of Kashmir Medical College and is serving as the head, Thoracic and Head & Neck Cancer Therapeutics at the Clinical Investigations branch of National Cancer Institute/NIH. She is married to Rajat Pamposh Malik (a gastroenterologist by profession) and has two children, Raeva and Hersh.

Piyush Mattoo

Vice President & Director, Zone 10

Piyush Mattoo

Piyush Mattoo lives in Mission Viejo, CA and was born, raised in Jammu, India. His Grandfather had migrated from Kashmir back in 60’s and had an ancestral home in Maharajganj, Srinagar. He is married to Aaroshi Kaul and has a 3-year old son named Pinak. He has a Graduate (University Of Massachusetts) / Undergraduate (University of Mumbai) degree in Computer Science and is finishing up with an Advanced Project Management course from Stanford. As an award winning Software professional he is a Startup founder, serves as an Advisory for various Startups focusing on innovations particularly at an early phase and is currently working as a Principal at a Semiconductor Manufacturing company building connectivity solutions which connects people, places and things within diverse markets such as automotive, cellular, connected homes, military, wearable.

He has also been involved with various local charitable events, causes. He enjoys Indoor, Outdoor sports and is looking to engage in the Orange County Tennis, Ping-pong leagues.

Amrita Kar


Amrita KarAmrita Kar was born in Kashmir and lived in Rainawari before moving to Bangalore during 1990. She grew up among a strongly knit Kashmiri community in Bangalore with her parents and older sister. Electrical engineer by profession, she has worked for DRDO, Ministry of Defense, India and Airbus Defense and Space. In 2012, she moved to Pennsylvania for her post graduation degree and currently leads projects as a Senior Development Engineer for a medical device startup CurveBeam. Previously an active member of various KP Youth groups in Bangalore and Hyderabad, her vision here at KOA is to continue to have a tight knit and integrated community with focus on involving the youth. She is passionate to grow Koshur language program nationally for the youngsters and has been an active member of KOA Youth by starting programs like Kath-e-Baath(Showcase a KOA Youth achiever), Kaar-Baar (professional mentor-ship program), and Sharadapeeth (Lectures on religion & culture). She loves to sing koshur songs, travel, read, and EAT!

Preeti Kachroo


Harpreet KachrooPreeti Kachroo is an Electronics Engineer and an MBA in Finance. She hails from Ludhiana, Punjab. She is married to Rajesh Kachroo, who is originally from Rainawari in Srinagar. Preeti is mother to two lovely sons, Aveesh (17) and Arnav (13). The family has been active KOA member ever since they moved from India in 2007. In her spare time, Preeti loves to paint in oil and water colors.

Raman Kaul


Raman KaulRaman Kaul hails from Bandipur, Kashmir and has been living in the US since 2001. Raman is a mechanical engineer by profession, works in the railway engineering field, and has a master’s in mechanical engineering from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.
Raman has been involved in web development and linguistic development related to Kashmir and Kashmiri language for nearly two decades. Besides having worked with KOA websites in the US and Canada in various capacities over the years, he has contributed towards standardization of Kashmiri Devanagari script and its adoption by the Unicode Standard. He has created online editing tools and fonts for Kashmiri language in Devanagari and Sharda script. Raman has worked on Kashmiri language projects with National Foreign Language Center (NFLC) of University of Maryland, and with American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Raman lives in Philadelphia area. He has previously been an administrator on Kashmiri language Wikipedia, and currently expresses himself on his multi-lingual blog at

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