KOA Executive Team (2011-2012)


Paviter Handoo, President, KOAShri Paviter Handoo
KOA Zone 10
e-mail: president@koausa.org

Mr. Handoo has been associated with KOA during the past decade as an active and volunteering member.

It has been his desire to serve the KP community, right from his early years; whether to rally for a cause or to participate and perform in a cultural function. He prides himself to be a dedicated and sincere worker for causes, ensuring that these are completed in a professional manner. He strongly feels that everything related to Kashmiri Pandit culture is embedded in him; be it language or culture, social skills or the typical Kashmiri wit and cheerfulness. In terms of organizational ability, he has been active in the LA KP Community organizing community actions, cultural functions, events & debates.

For about 15 years, he has been managing and leading Sales & Marketing functions in the Tour & Travel industry. Presently, he is managing a chain of Indian restaurants & Motels headquartered in Los Angles, California.

His Philosophy and Commitment

  • Create an all-Inclusive KOA with focus on youth and geared towards learning from our combined experiences.
  • Bring about the beginning of an honest, truthful and transparent administration that will regularly communicate with membership and fetch their involvement with its efforts.
  • Put a stop on declining KOA membership by making the community interested and involved in its affairs.
  • Learn with an open mind from our elders and seniors while also factoring the crucial requirement of youth participation. Be a person who will meet such challenges successfully.
  • Be friendly and efficient and keep in regular touch with our community members.
  • Be the President who will not only talk but walk the walk and be an honest unifier with his deeds and actions.
  • Usher the community to a new beginning – into a new dawn in the history of our small but growing community here in USA.
  • Maintain the charter and activities of KOA aimed at the welfare of our entire community worldwide.

Vice President

Ashish Kak, Vice President, KOAShri Ashish Kak
KOA Zone4
e-mail: vicepresident@koausa.org

Ashish Kak is formerly from Srinagar Kashmir and moved to US about 12 years back. Currently, he is part of mid-level management at one of the Top Five Consulting firms and functioned as Secretary in the previous KOA administration. He was part of the KP extended family in multiple states including Northern California, Washington (Seattle), Illinois (Chicago), Eastern Michigan and presently resides in Washington DC metro area with his spouse Meenakshi and kids Aditya and Annika.

Ashish was an active member in the KOA Zone 8 (Michigan) and continues to contribute to the KP community in KOA Zone 4 as Director besides being a customary volunteer for his firm sponsored community work. He believes in the intrinsic vibrancy and capabilities of the KP community, which when harnessed can do wonders for our culture & people.


Naveen Zalpuri, Secretary, KOAShri Naveen Zalpuri
KOA Zone 9
e-mail: secretary@koausa.org
My name is Naveen Zalpuri. I was born and brought up in Srinagar. We left the valley on Jan 31st, 1990. I vividly recall the mixed emotion of joy and sorrow once our bus crossed the Jawahar tunnel. Joy because we felt safe and free, and sorrow because somewhere deep down I felt we are leaving behind our homeland & culture for good. Life moved on.
I came to SF Bay Area in the year 2000. Like many others in Bay Area, I sling computer code for a living. I derive lot of happiness whenever I get to meet a fellow KP. Each such interaction reminds me of the beautiful culture we have and the collective need for us to preserve & nurture it. I am committed to do my little bit in this regard.


Monica Aima Salman, Treasurer, KOASmt. Monica Aima Salman
KOA Zone 10
e-mail: treasurer@koausa.org
I was born in Kashmir and got the privilege to live there till my High School Days. I completed by Bachelors in Engg and Masters from Pune University. I would like to introduce myself as a highly motivated and result oriented person with a very deep passion and love for my Kashmiri culture and community. I was part of KP National camp volunteer team for all three years.
I also have an inborn flair to learn things at a fast pace. I came to this country in 2000 after getting married to my husband Sanju Salman and our family has expanded since and includes two beautiful girls Yuvika and Esha. I am an IT professional working for Edmunds for the past 6 yrs . I have been in this field for past 10 years. I look forward to serving the community in the best possible way I could.

Board of Directors