KOA Executive Team (2013)

Dr. Surinder Kaul

President, KOA

Dr. Surinder KaulDr. Surinder Kaul was born in Srinagar in a spiritual family ‘Sahibs’. He came to the United States in 2002 and completed his medical residency at Cornell and Stonybrook University. Based in Katy, Texas, he is Faculty in Department of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and is serving in the capacity of Chief of Hospitalist Division. He is married and his wife Sunita is a practicing Dentist and they are blessed with a pretty daughter Shreya and an adorable son, Krish.Several things are important about him. First, what he is today is the result of family, friends and community, of which the Kashmiri Pandit contribution is very material and significant. It taught him in a very personal way the principle of sharing and caring in the outreach interaction. Second, he believes that when one approaches the community it should be with the spirit of bringing the highest values and value that one can. Third, the world (if not Kashmir) was open and inclusive with him and he, in return, is that, even with those where we may not see eye to eye. This is reflected in the Global town hall meetings where he serves as a moderator.

Sanjay Dhar

Vice-President, KOA

KOA Zone 9 Director

Sanjay DharSanjay Dhar came to the US for higher studies and eventually settled in California.
He has been a resident of Fremont, CA since 1997 and for most part was a passive participant in KOA – coming to the functions, helping where he could and enjoying some fun cricket with local enthusiasts.After he and his wife (Anita) and were blessed with twins in 2005, he looked at what KOA meant to him from a different perspective. He wanted for his kids a strong, vibrant community where they could connect with their Kashmiri roots and culture. The next step seemed logical – get involved. If you wouldn’t make the effort why would you expect others to do so? He was an active volunteer to help organize the KOA West Coast Camp in 2009, the next one in 2010 and currently volunteered as the Zone 9 Director. He will continue to be involved and participate in community activities irrespective of any official KOA position.

Ajay Tikoo

Secretary, KOA

Ajay TikooAjay Tikoo lives in the Princeton area of New Jersey along with his wife Vaneeta and son Sagar. Ajay has been a KOA member ever since he moved to USA about thirteen years back. Ajay has volunteered his time for the KOA at various levels. He has served as a grassroots volunteer for three years in KOA Zone 8, helping arranging and conducting the local community events. Ajay also, served as the Chapter President for one year and as a member of the management committee for the for one year in Zone 8 before he relocated to to Zone 3. Ajay has continued to volunteer for the KOA at the zonal level in Zone 3. At the national level, Ajay has served the organization as its Treasurer for three years.

Rajeev Kaul

Treasurer, KOA

Rajeev KaulRajeev Kaul was born in Srinagar and came to USA as a student in 1988. He is a life member of KOA. He runs a Financial /Accounting advisory firm in New York City. He lives in Long Island with his wife Dr Vanita Kaul and Son Saagar and Daughter Jherna.