Nomination and Election Committee (NEC)


Mr. Bansi Pandit, Chairman

Mr. Bansi PanditBansi Pandit is a Senior Manager, Nuclear Technologies at Sargent & Lundy, Chicago. He lives with his wife Vijay in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. His sons Rajiv and Rahul and their families live in Dallas and Houston respectively.

Bansi Pandit is a life-member of KOA, was NEC Chairman in 2005, and is the recipient of KOA’s annual community service awards for the years 1998, 2005, 2006 and 2009. In 2008, he published “Explore Kashmiri Pandits” to introduce Kashmiri Pandit community’s history and culture to the younger generation.

Through his numerous writings and talks at temples, churches, schools and colleges, he has been expounding Hindu religion and culture in USA for decades. He has taught meditation at local temples. He is the recommended speaker on Hinduism by the Council of World Parliament of Religions, Chicago, on inter-religious dialogue. He is the practitioner of Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda and the author and publisher of three popular books on Hindu spirituality and culture: The Hindu Mind, Hindu Dharma and Explore Hinduism. “The Hindu Mind” is used as a text book on Hinduism at many US schools and colleges.

Mr. Raj Koul, Member

Mr. Raj KoulRaj Koul has been in US for last 16 years and lives in Naperville IL (Zone 7). He has been a community activist from a long time. Prior to moving to US Raj lived in Gujarat for 10 years and was a dedicated volunteer there as well. Raj served as KOA Zone 7 Director for 2011/ 2012 term. Raj has been actively involved with IAKF (KP advocacy here in US), serving on its Board for last six years.

Raj is an enabler, and an organizer at the grass root level, irrespective of the titles, connecting with local KP’s, building relationships and bonds to a healthier and a stronger KP community.

Mr. Ashish Ganju, Member

Mr. Ashish GanjuAshish Ganju belongs to Bagh Jogi Lanker area in Rainawari and has been living in the US for last 17 years. He is very actively involved with the Chicagoland KP community and served as its secretary from 1999 to 2000. Ashish participates actively in KOA programs like “sponsor a child”, “medical fund”, etc. and in the past has been actively involved with IAKF as well.

Ashish is a community organizer and is always willing to work with KP community at large. He believes in building relationships, respecting others point of view and making KPs a strong self-reliant community.

Ashish is married to Shalini and has a daughter Mehak and a son Ayush. His mother Nancy Ganju is actively involved with AIKS in India, promoting and protecting KP interests.

Mr. Pawan Raina, Member

Pawan Raina has been a KOA member and volunteer from Zone 6 for last 10 years. He was involved with setting up eTapestry during Mr DeepakJi’s tenure and was Zonal director during Mr PaviterJi’s term. He has also served his local chapter as chapter president during 2009-10 period. He is a volunteer and is willing to do anything that would help our organization.

Mr. Praveen Raina, Member

Mr. Praveen RainaPraveen Raina been an active member of the Chicagoland KP community since 1998 supporting organization of local community events and served as Chapter President in 2004. He was also the founding member of the KWI initiative where over $50K was collected from the local community to support charitable activities in Jammu. He considers himself lucky to be part of the thriving KP community of Chicago.