KOA Executive Team (2007)

Sunil FotedarPRESIDENT

Sunil Fotedar

24427 Flint Creek

San Antonio, TX 78255

e-mail: president@koausa.org

Website: sunilfotedar.com

Sunil Fotedar is a Sr. IT professional in Insurance/Finance industry. He has worked in defense, space- and telecom-industries.

Sunil’s association with KOA has been since 1990-91 when the Kashmiri Pandits back in Kashmir were driven out of their homes. Sunil was Houston chapter president for KOA in 1991. As a web curator on a volunteer basis, he developed and maintained web servers for KOA (1996-2001), and maintained and contributed to the development of several community fora, especially KOA-sponsored KPnet – a forum that allowed KPs worldwide to stay connected – long before yahoogroups and googlegroups came into existence.

Sunil has been interacting with several India-based KP associations in Jammu, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata over past several years. He has created a variety of community websites, the first Kashmiri Pandit to create what has been referred to as Virtual Sharda Peeth – a Repository of a Kashmiri Pandit’s culture, heritage, religious practices, language, music, history and political literature. For a complete list of Websites, click here.

To recognize for his efforts, Sunil was presented with Special Zaan Award by the Kashmiri Pandit Association, Mumbai. He was featured as an Indomitable Personality in The Sharada Tarangini, Vol. 1, No. 3, March/April-June 2004 issue, the Official Newsletter of Kashmiri Sewak Samaj, Faridabad. He was also presented KOA Plaque for Internet Activities (1997), first of its kind given to any volunteer.


Nimmi Kalla

81-20 247 Street

Bellerose, NY 11426

e-mail: vicepresident@koausa.org

Nimmi Kalla was born and brought up in Rainawari, Kashmir. After marriage she moved to New Delhi and came to USA in 1988. She lives in Bellerose, New York with her husband and two children. She is an administrator of a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation practice for the past 12 years.

Nimmi is a recent member of KOA, and she is honored to be elected as Vice-President and she looks forward to serving the KOA community. As a growing community we need to embrace the diverse thoughts of our members and work together as a team with the same goal to stay united and help preserve our culture for the upcoming generation. The KOA family presents a forum, which encourages the promotion of culture, including language, stories, history, experiences, traditions, and many others, so that our future generation can continue to carry the torch of our community with a bright flame that will not be exhausted.

Zippy Aima SapruTREASURER

Zippy Aima Sapru

6018 Kingston Ranch

San Antonio, TX 78249

e-mail: treasurer@koausa.org

Zippy Aima Sapru works for a leading market-consulting firm and tracks the Information Technology market. Though born in Kashmir, she spent her formative years in Allahabad and traveled to different parts of the country to complete her education. After getting married in 2003, Zippy moved to USA and is currently living in San Antonio, TX along with her husband and daughter.While in India she was associated with the local Kashmiri organization (Kashyap Kashmir Sabha) and was involved in various voluntary activities.Zippy joined KOA in 2006 and as a member of the KOA executive committee she looks forward to serving the biradari members based here in USA and across the globe.

Lalit KoulSECRETARY (Jan 2007-Sept 2007)

Lalit Koul

6 Jean Road
Mansfield, MA 02048

Lalit Koul is a community volunteer who has been serving his community in  various ways for many years. Lalit has served as a KOA Director  for KOA Zone 2 during 2000-2001. He has also been a Panun Kashmir activist for  many years. Lalit also publishes a Kashmir-centric news journal  Kashmir Herald, available online at http://www.kashmirherald.com.  He is also a regular columnist on the popular Indian website www.Rediff.com where  he consistently writes about the issues faced by our community in exile. He  has also been instrumental in launching and managing various websites and  electronic discussion forums for the community.

  After working in India for many years, Lalit moved to United States in  1994 and has been since living in Boston metro area with his wife Rachna and a  family of four wonderful children. He currently works as a Supply-Chain  Consultant for a leading German software company.
Soman DharSECRETARY (Oct 2007-Dec 2007)

Soman Dhar

2308 Sedgwick Ct
Naperville, IL 60564
e-mail: secretary@koausa.org

Soman Dhar is originally from Vicharnag, Kashmir. Currently working as an executive in a large MNC (Energy company) in Naperville, he was transferred to USA from the Indian sister concern in 1999 and has since been living in Naperville, IL alongwith wife Promila and kids Jyotsna and Archit.Soman has been involved in community work in Chicago as well as in Jammu through KWI. He believes in getting people together and hopes to contribute in making KOA a vibrant and productive organization.

Nomination and Election Committee 2007-08

Board of Directors 2007