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Written by KOA Zone 1 Director on September 26th, 2013

KOA Zone 1 Director

Meenakshi Khashu

Meenakshi KhashuMeenakshi Khashu was born in Kashmir and lived there until 1990. After leaving from Kashmir, she pursued her schooling in Jammu and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Pune University and then completed Masters in Computer Science from Jaipur University. Her experience includes working as an Analyst in major companies in the financial and retail space which includes Coca cola, Deutsche Bank and 1-800-Flowers. Currently she is working as a Senior Analyst at Canon USA.Meenakshi Khashu

Meenakshi is married to Kapil Khashu and they are blessed with two beautiful children Simoni (11 yrs) and Syon (6 yrs). They have been living in Long Island, New York from past 16 years, so this place feels like their second home after Kashmir.

Meenakshi hermy journey of getting the Kashmiri families together within Long Island for Father Day Celebration. This started with 5 to 6 families initially and became a part of summer picnic for KOA ZONE 1 since last two years.

Contact Information:
e-mail: meenakhashu@gmail.com


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