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Visiting Tulzapur - A dream come true

By Kuldeep Raina

I am very greatful to Dr. B.A. Kathare, a senior dental surgeon at Dharashiv (Osmanabad), who hosted us during our stay at Dharashiv for informing me about the sacred of Tulzapur and Ghatshilla.

The sacred shrine of Tulza Bhagwati is located at Tulzapur, 25 kms from Dharashiv. As per local folklore the goddess is consort of Lord Shiva. The place where shrine is located is the place where the Goddess appeared to Shivaji Maharaj and presented divine sword to fight the Mughals. Tulzapur is considered to be Puranpeeth, the other two Puranpeeths being - Renuka Mata at Mahur in Nanded district and Mahalaxmipeeth in Kolhapur. Sapt Shrungi Devi shrine in Vani district (Nasik) is regarded as Adha Shaktipeeth

Another place near Tulzapur is Ghatshila - the place where Tulza Bhawani told Lord Rama the way through which Ravana abducted Sita. The Shila on which Lord Rama stood while listening to the Goddess still stands.

Lakhs of devotees visit Tulzapur shrine on the day of Navratra, walking bare feet hundreds of kms. The shrine is managed by 16 families of non-Brahman Maratha Purohits, called in popular parlance Kadams. The Purohits are not forbidden from taking meat. 'Bali' is done at Tulzapur as per Shakhta tradition. The tradition seems so similar to ours in Kashmir.

It was great honour for us to be allowed to visit the shrine at the time when Tulza Bhawani gets ready for Abhishek. The 16 Purohits asked us to make a presentation on rise of terrorism in Kashmir. They assured full solidarity with Displaced Kashmiri Hindus.

Source: Kashmir Sentinel



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