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Gopi Krishna and Darwin - a tale of two very different geniuses

How Charles Darwin made monkeys out of us all

In his epoch making book ‘The Origin of the Species’, Charles Darwin, a 19th Century British naturalist, dared to ask the ultimate question which traditionally religion alone had sought to answer - 

What is the origin of mankind and what is the biological basis of our existence?

His answer was very erudite and packed with evidence to support his theories of ‘Evolution by Random Mutation’ and ‘Natural Selection.’

The scientific community eventually bought into his ideas, and at the dawn of the 3rd millennium his work still remains a firm body of accepted scientific dogma. 

The resulting effect on society however has been on the one hand enlightening, but on the other hand catastrophic as to its impact on the global civilization as a whole. If man was accepted to be just another animal with no pre-eminence in the cosmic design, then the only way to live was surely selfishly,  and without any regard for one's fellow man and woman  - simply to ‘make hay while the sun shines.’

Such a perspective of course paves the way for all manner of world dominators and dictators, and gives carte blanche to all the criminals, torturers and psychopaths to do as they please, with no heaven to seek nor hell to fear as a consequence.

But fortunately for us all, Darwin was wrong.

Darwin's grave error - the godless universe

Though Darwin's theory explained much, based as it was on his idea of ‘mutation by random chance’, there was one problem with exactly how this evolution itself was accomplished which remains to this day. The core of the matter is that no scientist nor mathematician has ever been able to define just what this so called ‘random element’ is.

Any good English dictionary defines random as ‘without aim, purpose or principle.’  So if we translate Darwin's theory into common English, understandable by anybody of average intelligence, it is actually saying ‘evolution happens by random chance, which means - we don't know how it happens, or why it happens since we don't know what randomness is.’

Gopi Krishna however, Albert Einstein and others of a religious persuasion might well describe this so called ‘random element’ as ‘God’, or ‘the Cosmic Intelligence.’

So Darwin was right about green beetles surviving in a grassy environment, and red ones getting seen and eaten by the birds, but he had no real understanding of how evolutionary mutation took place or indeed why evolution should take place at all. 

Albert Einstein commented on the concept of randomness as related to Max Planck's Quantum Mechanics, which sought to explain the behavior of sub atomic particles, and therefore reality itself,  with his famous phrase:

’ God does not play dice.’

Enter Gopi Krishna - a true scientist for the new age

Charles Darwin studied animals to arrive at his conclusions. But as Alexander Pope said ‘the proper study of mankind is man.’

And this is where our friend Mr Krishna scored the points over Mr Darwin.

Gopi Krishna was a great scientist also, yet a scientist whose laboratory was not one of Bunsen burners and test tubes. Instead, the arena of his research was his own body and mind. (SEE HIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Kundalini - The Evolutionary Energy in Man, Shambhala publishers, 1997)

Was this approach unscientific?

No, since Gopi Krishna's field of research was principally that of human consciousness, one's own body and mind is the only possible arena of study. Of course this does not discount the need for the support of conventional academic research, which it was always Gopi Krishna's aim to promote. Yet his study was true science none the less, carefully observed and rationally concluded.

Gopi Krishna's conclusions unlike Darwin's were of hope and great joy: - 

1. Evolution is directed by a super-intelligent force which operates through a biological mechanism in the human body known to yoga theory as ‘kundalini’, and by many other names in a wide variety of ancient and esoteric texts.

2. Evolution, including human evolution, is therefore not ‘random’, but a deliberate act on the part of an invisible cosmic intelligence or organizing power and has a ‘target.’

3. The target of evolution is to produce a virtual superman or woman who will live in a permanent state of bliss, possess a genius level of intelligence, and various other attributes seldom seen in the population at large such as psychic powers.

4. Since the kundalini mechanism is a biological mechanism, given a properly conducted research program based on a serious scientific study of a group of suitable candidates, it should be possible to measure the biological and intellectual changes using suitable tests and equipment.

5. The existence of the kundalini mechanism explains the origin of the religious impulse in man, and therefore heals the schism between science and religion.

The Lasting Significance of Gopi Krishna's Works

Gopi Krishna's discovery was without doubt the most important discovery in scientific history. Why?  Because it revealed the source and destiny of man.

Put In one sentence, Gopi Krishna discovered a biological mechanism in his body, known to yoga theory as ‘kundalini’, which over a period of years entirely transformed his consciousness, raised him mentally to the level of a genius, and took him to a permanent state of ecstasy.

But in a world of doubting scientists, who lacked his inner experience, of what significance could this have to the rest of us?

Gopi Krishna's answer was in over 15 books and many talks world wide, to groups of scientists and laymen alike, with the intent of permanently raising our global consciousness to the next stage of human evolution.

Anybody who studies his works seriously and with an open mind, will see a genuine vision of man's future, only clearly visible to a man in such a higher state. Yet enough will filter down to the average reader which will enable him to see the meaningless and illusory rift between science and religion, which has been at the core of social and political unrest throughout the last millennium.

Checkout the books page to obtain Gopi Krishna's works.

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