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Kundalini: Empowering Human Evolution


"In all my writings, I have sown the seeds of what I consider to be the most pressing need of mankind--namely, information about the evolutionary mechanism in human beings, slowly drawing the race to a golden future of harmony, peace and happiness."–Gopi Krishna

"Yogi Krishna...offers his views on how one can harness the psychic energy (Kundalini) he asserts we all have. He insists that through expanding our minds, humankind will reach a higher level of evolution and will learn to exist in peace and harmony."–Library Journal

"Gopi Krishna was a pioneer in the land of spirituality. His insights into the quantum nature of the body predates the scientific discoveries of today. I salute this great sage and scientist of the twentieth century."–Deepak Chopra, author of Quantum Healing.

Kundalini Empowering Evolution: Selected Writings of Gopi KrishnaGopi Krishna was unique in that he not only experienced the full awakening of Kundalini at an early age–34–but lived for almost a half century with the Kundalini energy circulating fully throughout his nervous system and brain. He was therefore, a living example of the full power of this evolutionary energy, meaning that he had attained full illumination or enlightenment.

A world-renowned yogi, Gopi Krishna reveals the remarkable source psychic energy that lies within us all. Known only to the ancients by such names as the "sixth sense" and the "philosopher's stone," this extraordinary life-force can be tapped to provide an inexhaustible reserve of energy and knowledge.

Drawn from the celebrated writings of Gopi Krishna, a leader of the modern Kundalini movement, Kundalini, Empowering Human Evolution is the definitive guide to understanding the mystery of Kundalini and awakening this source of inner light, expanded consciousness and increased creativity in our own lives. In these powerful essays, Krishna shows how we can use Kundalini to guide our private and public lives, as well as to answer the most urgent questions of our troubled age.

GENE KIEFFER met Gopi Krishna in Zurich, Switzerland, on November 5, 1970, after having corresponded with him and reading two of his unpublished books. At that time, he, at the request of Gopi Krishna, helped establish the Kundalini Research Foundation, Ltd. in order to document research on Kundalini and world mysticism. Mr. Kieffer is director and president of the Foundation. He is a longtime member of the Academy of Religion and Psychical Research, and serves on the advisory board of the Encyclopedia of Evolution.




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