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Ancient Secrets of Kundalini


Kundalini & evolution - human evolution is unfinished

The major importance of Gopi Krishna's insight was that he realized that human evolution in the modern era, which is mainly evolution of the brain, was a continuous process, and had not stopped as many scientists believe with some sort of ‘missing link’, such as that between Neanderthal man and the modern human being.

That modern science has not yet recognized this continuous evolutionary process is merely because of its very slow pace in most human beings. In the case of the man with the properly awakened kundalini however, this process of evolution could become dramatically increased and observable, to the extent that a man could progress from someone of relatively average talent to genius level within a space of years. If true, this conclusion would obviously have staggering consequences for human society.

Kundalini as the common source of all religions

Many scientists, psychologists and atheists write off religion to some aberration of the psyche. They say either that a so called religious or spiritual experience is some kind of hallucination, or that the desire to believe comes from wishful thinking.

They say that the human body is merely a machine, and that we are nothing but a complexly arranged mass of chemicals brought together over aeons by some kind of sequence of random accidents. They imply that if a monkey types upon the typewriter for enough billions of years, it will eventually write a Shakespeare play.

Whilst the latter is an interesting question for mathematicians and statisticians to debate, Gopi Krishna offered a different answer to the existence of the voluminous mass of religious scriptures and belief systems littering mankind's entire history over the last five millennia or more.

His answer was simple and complete. The kundalini mechanism which he had witnessed in his own body, if properly awakened and allowed to mature, could lead one to higher states of consciousness from which all the world's prophets and religious teachers drew their inspiration and powers.

So if kundalini were recognized as the power common to all humanity, underlying what at present are regarded as a wide variety of seemingly opposed religious creeds, the ‘holy wars’ and arguments about doctrine, dogma and  whose prophet was the greatest would surely cease.

Gopi Krishna's journey through his awakening was at times blissful and at other times dangerous and agonizing. Though he implied this need not be so, he explained that until the laws of how the kundalini power operated were thoroughly explored, there would be many tragic and abortive cases of kundalini awakenings.

Unfortunately for those individuals, doctors and psychiatrists unaware of the kundalini mechanism, many such people worldwide with ‘unfavorable kundalini awakenings’ are currently residing in psychiatric care.

Why should this be so? Gopi Krishna explained that this was because when we deal with kundalini awakening, we are dealing with transformation of brain chemistry.

Just as a pregnant mother may adversely affect the development of her unborn child, for example by smoking cigarettes or using drugs, a person with an active kundalini may cause their transformation to abort or go wrong in a miscellany of ways.

The consequences can be devastating both to the individual concerned and sometimes those around him or her also. Paranoiac and delusional states can arise, the person can easily believe they are going insane, and it may be difficult to know if such conditions are temporary or permanent.

Thus all genuine religious scriptures have advised temperance, good moral conduct and moderation in all aspects of lifestyle, not only for the population generally, but as principles which upheld the evolutionary path, and as prerequisite and protective measures for those undergoing a kundalini transformation. 

Due to lack of personal supervision and the serious dangers involved, Gopi Krishna never advised anyone to attempt to awaken kundalini, and explores these issues in depth in his various books, including his expanded autobiography ‘Living with Kundalini’ published by Shambhala press in 1993.

On the contrary, he said that a properly conducted research experiment lasting several years should be carried out, with a group of carefully selected people whose physiological characteristics and temperament were suited to such a challenging and likely dangerous ordeal.

Kundalini and society - the need for spiritual laws

Gopi Krishna frequently pointed out that the modern society was losing its way, to the extent that the leading members and intellectuals were ‘losing touch with reality.’

His point was that if indeed there is a target to evolution, a grand design behind nature, as he claims, the ‘wrath of God’ as expressed by for example the Old Testament scriptures starts to take on a more logically discernible reason.

That is to say, there exist ‘spiritual laws’ - quite apart from and in addition to the currently known and still yet to be known laws of physics governing the material world, which are to be adhered to by mankind for its best evolutionary interest, and indeed actual survival.

Gopi Krishna further explained that when nations and civilizations ignored these laws, history showed that they fell, such as happened in the case of the Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Mogul empires. It is tempting and somewhat plausible to consider the fall of the British Empire and the current precipitous status of America as the dominant world power in exactly the same light.

So the clear implication is that each one of these many mighty historical empires fell, precisely because it became immoderate in its activities, disobeying the kind of laws ‘from on high’ - in fact evolutionary laws for humanity - as expressed for example in the Ten Commandments of Moses.

But why should ‘self-indulgent’ behavior result in personal and collective disaster? Why can't we all just give free rein to all the pleasures and passions our inner nature seems to direct us to seek? 

Gopi Krishna's answer again was simple and direct. Nature has her own laws, and her own desires which always supersede our own. The goal of Nature is for us to rise to a higher evolutionary level. But this evolutionary transformation takes place mainly through that most delicate and least understood of all organs - the human brain. 

Without recourse to microscopes and ultrasonic scanners, Gopi Krishna was able to observe inside his own body the great sensitivity of his brain and nervous system to various excesses and stresses, diet, over work, etc., and thus was drawn to the conclusion that this same overstressing of the brain was having a deleterious effect throughout society, and blocking the evolutionary path to the mainstream of the human population.

Beyond that, he further explained that the almost total disregard for these ‘spiritual’ or ‘ethical’ laws in modern society, was leading to the alarming documented increase in mental illness throughout all echelons of the population, but in particular, the higher orders of intelligence who possess more sensitive nervous systems. It is a simple step to consider that in the age of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, the possibility of the mad dictator or national leader threatens the survival of whole nations, and perhaps the entire human race.

Thus morals or ethical principles are seen from  an entirely scientific and rational perspective to be necessary for both the survival of the individual and the race, which goes hand in hand with the protection and evolution of our individual nervous systems and brains.

Perhaps the most surprising element of Gopi Krishna's discoveries and discourses about kundalini is that the sex organs and the kundalini mechanism are intimately interconnected. They both feed from the same energy source, and therefore despite modern ideas to the contrary, overindulgence in sex beyond a certain point can be damaging to the health, nervous system and brain.

The person in a lower state of consciousness will not necessarily be aware of this, but for the person in a higher state of consciousness, the results of an unmoderated and freely indulgent sex life can be deleterious or even disastrous.

The higher faculties of creativity, intuition and inspiration may be blocked or cease to function, and there can even be damage to the brain, health and sanity of a person in a highly active kundalini state.

It also seems very plausible that if the sex act is drawing vital energy from all parts of the body as the kundalini theory says, overindulgence in sex for many years may also lead to a prematurely debilitated old age. Thus we see that some people are a spent force at 50 or 60 and others are bright and vibrant until their 80s or even beyond, though one cannot be too simplistic about his, as obviously many other factors may be involved.

Gopi Krishna stipulated that for a modern intelligent man or woman, the maximum safe indulgence in sex would be between twice a week and once a fortnight. However, he advised against total celibacy generally speaking, which he said for most people could also be damaging, instead recommending sensible moderation as the best way to support the evolutionary process.

Though this might seem repressive to those raised on modern social and psychological ideas of what normal sex activity should be, Gopi Krishna believed based on his own experience that converting more than this proportion of the vital essences into sexual fluids could starve the evolving adult brain of the vital material it needs to preserve its balance, health and sanity, and damage the health of the body generally speaking.

That it is the common experience of men to feel drained following the sex act, would seem to confirm that the secreted sexual fluids are produced only by draining the vital essences from all parts of the body, as he suggests.

Gopi Krishna goes on to say that it is unsafe to raise kundalini forcibly, unless the person in question has stern mastery over his or her sex impulses. In critical periods, one single sexual release can be disastrous, and can apparently lead to instant insanity or death.

All this is not necessarily to say however that the man or woman of higher development will have no sex life. It just means that it will be under control, likely very moderate, and in some cases totally non-existent.

Thus the conclusion to be drawn from these facts is that anybody who insists that there should be ‘free love’ and unbridled opportunities for sexual expression is from a scientific and objective point of view promoting the downfall of his or her community, nation or race. The idea that we should never restrain our desires is therefore the most dangerous and destructive idea to human happiness, evolution and survival ever peddled in the history of humanity.

For a more detailed lecture on this issue by Gopi Krishna himself please follow the link below

Click here to read an essential Gopi Krishna lecture on evolution and sex

Since, alas, Gopi Krishna died in 1984, the only remaining points of contact with him are the few people who knew him personally, and the great legacy of his books.

Though there are literally thousands of books available to the modern reader dealing with the subjects of yoga, and a lesser number dealing specifically with kundalini, it is essential to realize that Gopi Krishna wrote from a level of personal experience that perhaps few in this century or any other have ever paralleled.

This quotation from his autobiography (slightly edited) states this better:

“Suddenly, with a roar like that of a waterfall, I felt a stream of liquid light entering my brain though the spinal cord...the illumination grew brighter and brighter, the roaring louder. I experienced a rocking sensation and then felt myself slipping out of my body, entirely enveloped in a halo of light It is impossible to describe the experience accurately. I felt the point of consciousness that was myself growing wider, surrounded by waves of light. It grew wider and wider, spreading outward whilst the body, normally the immediate object of its perception, appeared to have receded into the distance until I became entirely unconscious of it. I was now all consciousness, without any outline, without any idea of a corporeal appendage, without any feeling or sensation coming from the senses, immersed in a sea of light, simultaneously conscious and aware of every point, spread out, as it were, in all directions without any barrier of material obstruction. I was no longer myself, or to be more accurate, no longer as I knew myself to be, a small point of awareness confined in a body, but instead was a vast circle of consciousness in which the body was but a point, bathed in light and in a state of exaltation and happiness impossible to describe.”

In his own lifetime, despite the most widespread and earnest searching, he was unable to find anybody in the whole of India, considered the home of yoga, to advise him upon his kundalini awakening, simply due to their own lack of personal knowledge and experience of the topic, however great their reputations may have been.

Many modern authors who have written on these subjects have therefore been equally in the dark as to the depths of knowledge required to properly understand the plight and prognosis for those going through a kundalini awakening, as they too have been unwittingly copying the ideas and knowledge of these same ill informed teachers and gurus whose own understanding was also inadequate.



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