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Trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh is a trekking country offering a variety of trekking routes amidst landscapes of breathtaking beauty. Some important treks are:

Padum Lamayuru Trek

Padum - Pishu - Hanamur - Snertse - Lingshet Singey La - Photaksar - Sirsir La--- Hanupata Phanjila-- Wanla Prinkiti---- La Lamayuru.

Leh - Lamayuru - Saspol Trek

Leh-- Lamayuru-- Prinkiti La-- Wanla Urtsi- Phanjila Tarla- Mangyu - Gyara Alchi - Saspol.

Leh - Markha Valley Trek

Leh - Martselang - Chogdo - Nimaling Kongmaru La - Hankar - Markha - Skiu Kaya Rumbak via Kandala.

Padum - Darcha (Manali) Trek

Padum - Barden - Raru - Surley - Cha- Phugtel--Purney--Dranqza - Kargiakh - Lartsa - Shingkun La - Gadi Shisa - Darcha.

Padam to Raru, 22 km; Raru to Cha 23 km; Cha to Tasta 25 km; Tasta to Kargiah, 26 km; Kargiah to Lakhang Pulu, 24 km; Lakhang Pulu to Zanskar Sumdo (via Shingkula 5,100 metres), 25 km, Zanskar Sumdo to Darcha Sumdo, 25 km.

Pahalgam - Panikhar - Kargil Trek

Pahalgam - Chandanwari (by bus) - Wavjan - Rangmarg - Humpet - Kanital - Lonvilad Gali - Base of Lonvilad Gali - Chelong Nallah - Panikhar - Kargil (by bus).

The Markha Valley Trek

Spituk to Zingchen, 12 km; Zingchen to Yurutse, 13 km; Yurutse to Sku (via Kandala 4,800 metres), 14 km; Sku to Markha, 12 km; Markha to Hankar, 11 km; Hankar to Nimaling, 10 km; Nimaling to Shang Sumdo (via Kongmarula 5,030 metres), 14 km; Shang Sumdo to Martselang, 10 km; Martselang to Hemis, 6 km.

The Padam-Kishtwar Trek

Padam to Tungri, 12 km; Tungri to Ating, 12 km; Ating to Huttra, 24 km; Huttra to Buswas, 17 km; Buswas to Machail, 27 km; Galar to Kishtwar, 32 km.

The Lamayuru-Spadum Trek

Lamayuru to Fanjila, 24 km; Fanjila to Hanupata, 23 km; Hanupata to Photoksar 20 km; Photoksar to Base of Singila, 18 km; Base of Singila to Skumpata (via Singila 5,000 metres), 19 km; Skumpata to Lingshet, 9 km; Lingshet to Omangschu (via Hanumala 4,700 metres), 28 km; Omangschu to Pido (Parpela 4,700 metres), 18 km; Pidmo to Rinam, 17 km; Rinam to Spadum, 16 km.

The Likir-Nurla Trek

Main Road to Likir Gompa, 5 km; Likir Gompa to Yangthang, 9 km; Yangthang to Hemis Sukpachen, 10 km; Hemis Sukpachen to Temisgam, 11 km; Temisgam to Nurla, 8 km.

Trekking terrain near Lamayuru monastery

Trekking in Zanskar and Kargil

One of the major attractions of Ladakh in general and Kargil in particular is the scope they offer for trekking. The Suru and Zanskar valleys, due to their location along the Greater Himalayan range offer the most exciting routes involving as they do crossing this nature barrier through narrow passes and depressions. Zanskar, in particular, is a challenging area where even a casual excursion to one of the monasteries can be a rewarding trek. Four popular treks of this region intersect at Padum. Similarly, Panikhar, in Suru valley, is the nodal point for a two-week long trans -Himalayan trek from Kashmir into Ladakh and vice versa.

For trekking in Ladakh to be a rewarding experience it is not enough to be in top physical condition; trekkers must also be extremely well prepared to face the rigors of back country travel.


The climatic requirements given under Zanskar in the text hold true for this section. Additional clothing could include items like balaclava, gloves, wind parkha, rain gear and insulated ground pad. Trekkers are advised to carry as much of their own food as possible though some supplies may be bought at villages along the way. Remember Ladakh is a harsh land where most people cannot afford to sell valuable stocks of grain set aside for the long winter.
Trek 1

Lehinwan-Inshan, 16 km
Inshan-Humpet -Humpet-Kanital, 13 km
Kanital-Lonvilad Gali, 11 km
Lonvilad Gali base-Chelong Nallah, 6 km
Chelong Nallah-Panikhar, 16 km
Panikhar-Parkachik, 22 km
Parkachik-Gulmatongo, 22 km
Gulmatongo-Rangdum, 20 km
Rangdum-Rusgogdo, 5 hrs
Rusgogdo-Kanji la base, 6 hrs
Kanji la base-Kanji, 4 hrs

Trek 2
Padum-Muney/Raru (3900m), 20 km
Raru-Surley (4100m), 22 km
Surley-Cha-Phugtal-Purney (3900m), 20 km
Purney-Drangze, 20 km
Drangze-Karghyak-Gombo-Rangjon-Lartsa, 19 km
Lartsa-Shingkun la (5100m)-Gadi Shisa, 17 km
Gadi Shisa-Camp, 15 km
Darcha-Manali (by bus), 7 hrs

Trek 3
Padum-Ating, 22 km
Ating-Huttra, 24 km
Huttra-Omasi la (5434m)-Bujwas, 17 km
Bujwas-Machail, 10 km
Machail-Atholi, 13 km
Galar-Kishtwar (by bus)

Trek 4
Pahalgam-Chandanwari (2923m), 15 km
Chandanwari-Sheshnag (3658m), 13 km
Sheshnag-Rangmarg-Humpet, 14 km
Humpet-Kanital Nallah, 13 km
Kanital Nallah-Lonvilad Gali (4600m), 11 km
Lonvilad Gali-Chelong Nallah-
Panikhar, 22 km

Trek 5
Lingshet-Singey la base
Singey la base-Singey la (5060m)-Photaksar (3790m)
Photaksar-Sirsir la (4805)-
Hanupata (3780m)-Phanjila
Wanla-Prinkiti la (3726m)-Lamayuru

Trek 6

Hemis-Martselong-Chhogdo, 4 hrs
Chhogdo-Kongmaru la base (4710m), 4 hrs
Kongmaru la base-Kongmaru la (5230m)- Nimaling, 3 hrs
Nimaling-Umlung (3900m), 4 hrs
Umlung-Thaltak Baho (4450m), 5 hr
Thaltak Baho-Rebrang la (3900m)- Rebrang, 5 hrs
Rebrang-Kurma Sumdo (3900m), 4 hrs
Kurma Sumdo-Tilat Sumdo- Tomto (4150m), 5 hrs
Tomto- Chhup Chhak(4700), 4 hrs
Chhup Chhak-Chharchar la (5170m)-Chbarchar la base, 7 hrs
Chbarchar la base-Zangla, 3 hrs
Zangla-Padum, 35 km

Trekking enthusiasts in Ladakh
Kashmir: Poetry of Nature Ladakh


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