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by Manmohan Ambardar 

Different teachers have set up different schools and proclaimed different truths and so confused people. Why? They have all thought the same truth but from different minds differently constituted but they all reveal the same truth.

Hinduism contains a number of doctrinal viewpoints. They are not rival sects, as in Christianity or Buddhism, but viewpoints, all of which are recognised as legitimate, so far they think the same truth.

Shri Sarwanand's article 'Are we indulging in self-deception? (Koshur Samachar June 2005) is contradictory to Hindu doctrine, Vedanta and Gita.

His illusory remarks against Saints, Karma philosophy, existence of God (outside the one, and etc. etc.) have given rise to a controversy, which can misled the masses and do a lot of damage before the truth is revealed.

Visualisation of God : 

God is the beginning less, Supreme Brahman which is said to be neither Being, nor non-Being (Bhagavad Gita - XIII.12). That which is finite and there can be nothing outside infinity or it would not be infinite, being limited by the exclusion of what was outside it. In other words, God is that He is no other than the real Self (Gita X-20), otherwise described as the reality and as pure consciousness. As such, He is not a Person and it not related to the world of persons and things in anyway.

That God - as He really is - and the real self are one and the same, is the central theme of the Upanishads.

He that serves a separate deity - thinking 'He is one and I am another' - is ignorant; he is like a quadruped for the Gods in heaven (Brihaa Upanishad 1-4-10). God, as He really is, therefore nameless, formless and without attributes of any kind. If He had attributes, He would be in relativity and therefore unreal.

'I am' is the name of God of all the definitions of God, none is indeed so well put, as the Biblical statement, "I am That I am" in Exodus (Chapter 3). There are other statements such as Brahmaivam, Ahambrahmasm and Soham. But none is so direct as the name Jevoham - I am. The self is God. "I am is God". "I am the self O Gudakesha!" That being which is the subtle essence is the self of the whole world. That is the truth. That is Atma. "That Thou Art" (Chhandogya Upanishad 6-8-7).

The truth of this is to be felt in the heart.

Source: Milchar



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