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A Typical Kashmiri Pandit Marriage

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"Mananmal" is tied round the foreheads of both groom and the bride. The "Mananmal is always an ornament of gold.
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Both the groom and the bride than sit before the "Agnikund" and the actual rituals of the marriage starts. Mark the interchange of positions between the groom and the bride in the above two pictures. First the groom sits on the right of the bride and than the visa versa. Guruji in the mean time continuously chants the mantras.
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For the first time the groom and the bride see each other through the images formed in the mirror. This is a custom which is still prevailing. After the groom and the bride see each other they are made to hold hands of each other in a firm grip not to get loosened with the passage of time. The groom holds the left hand of the bride with his right hand and same is being done by the bride. This in Kashmiri is called "Athwas"
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A red shawl is put on the hold hands of the bride and the groom. May be this the time in rituals when the couple holds each other's  hands and see face to face with each other and make promises to each other "Death will only part us  ". In the right hand picture you see the "Phera's" being taken around the "Agnikund" the main ritual of the of the marriage. 
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After the "Pheras" are complete , the bride walks on a fixed number of currency notes, putting always her right foot forward and at the end of the walk is being received by the groom's father. Those days the bride used to walk on ten rupee notes and now five-hundred rupee notes have replaced those. I don't know what was the significance of this ritual.

Uteesh DharPictures and Commentary provided by:  

Uteesh Dhar, Ahmedabad 




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