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October-December 2001 issue

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  Between Ourselves

Namaskar. "Happy New Year to you all"

  • Ist of January of the Gregorian calender may not precisely be taken as the commencement of the New Year by every one as every community has its own calenders more or less based on astronomical almanacs or mythological beliefs. Yet, notwithstanding, with the community calenders ,'New Year' ushered in by the Gregorian calender is celebrated throughout the world by most of the peoples. In the Indian pluralistic society we are fortunate to have opportunity of wishing 'Happy New Year' to our brethren many a times. Wishing one another breeds love, spreads peace and harmony. 'Let noble thoughts come from everywhere', exhort Vedas.
  •  While Nature's wrath devastated Gujarat in India in the beginning of 2001, in September the satans of terror floored the twin towers of New York and ravaged the invincible Pentagon in USA. Continuing their diabolical designs the terrorists attacked J & K assembly in October and later in November, overmastering fear the perpetrators of terror made an audacious, though unsuccessful assault on Indian Parliament. 13th of September 2001 changed the global political scenario and a new world order emerged which vowed to haul the unbridled march of terrorism. India, after thoughtful deliberations took, for the first time, harshest diplomatic measures to send signals to its neighbours across the border that ours was not a Nation which could be asked to 'Lay off'. In this macro diplomatic standoff, the problem of Kashmir visa-a-vis 'Kashmiri Pandits' cause has been relegated to back-burner. We only wish and pray that in the new year, peace prevails in the world and the Indian government makes a firm resolve to eradicate militancy from Kashmir and we find honourable and dignified solution to our problem.
  •  In organising quiz contests under the Project'ZAAN' the Kashmiri Pandits' Association has added one more flagship of activities to its objectives. Unassumingly and quietly the Kashmiri Pandits' Association in collaboration with Lalla-Ded Educational & Welfare Trust has made deep inroads in the psyche of our young and not so young Biradari members to take interest into rich and multi faceted heritage of their motherland-Kashmir, through dissemination of well documented 'Information Digests'' on the various aspects of Kashmir. Simultaneously the release of 'Basic Reader for Kasmiri language' has created deep interest in the youngsters to read Kashmiri through Devanagari. Our publications under Project 'ZAAN' i.e. Vol. I, II & III have been appreciated as well by youngsters living abroad. We have received order for another set of 50 publications from U.K. The popularity of the publications can be gauged by the fact that these publications have been put on a special Website in USA. Unlike the Quiz Contest of 2000 it has been decided to award trophies to various category winners on our Annual Cultural Nite. I appeal to Biradari members to sponsor Lifetime awards for the Project 'ZAAN' as detailed elsewhere in Milchar.
  • The Milchar- the life line communication of our Biradari, you will appreciate has come of age. Kashmiri Pandits' Association wishes that it should be sent to all the members irrespective of whether they subscribe to it or not, but the prohibitive cost of printing, compels us to request you again to kindly send Rs.100/- as your yearly subscription for it in case you have not so far become  a subscriber or if your subscription is due.
  • Varshik hawan this year shall commence on Tripura Chatturthi corresponding to 16th February, 2002 and Purnahuti shall be offered on Basant Panchami on the 17th of February at 12.30 P.M. Naveed shall be served immediately thereafter. We solicit your cooperation in helping us to stick to the schedule so that navid is served smoothly and without hassle of time.
  • The Annual Cultural Program has been slated for 16th of March, 2002. The special feature of this year's program would be a Musical Nite by Shri Rajendra Kachroo of Delhi. We need your usual magnanimous assistance for fund raising on the occasion. You have always risen to the occasion at such times and, I am sure, you would not fail me this time.

J. L. Manwati

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