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October-December 2001 issue

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KP at Cross Roads 

... B. N. Sharga

After the much hyped Agra summit and total neglect of the present Kashmiri Pandit organisations at all levels during the process of talks being initiated by the government through K.C.Pant recently to solve the Kashmir imbroglio, the members of the community are feeling now a very strong urge to have a powerful and effective organisation at the national level with a political thrust not only to safeguard their interests properly but also to project their viewpoint at such crucial moments more candidly, because the existing Kashmiri Pandit organisations are functioning more or less like social and cultural clubs where people come and exchange pleasantries over a cup of tea and light snacks and then gossip under the sun on any topic right from politics to pornography, instead of debating over the real issue confronting our community and chalking out a proper action plan to focus the attention of the government towards their sad plight.

 All other communities in the recent years have formed their well organised political wings and through them they pressurize the government every now and then to fulfill their both reasonable and unreasonable demands and quite often they succeed in their efforts, but on the contrary the so called leaders of our community generally go into hibernation on such crucial moments and play drawing room politics by issuing press statements from the cozy comforts of five star hospitality then launching any mass movement simply because they do not have any base to undertake such a venture in absence of public support for their actions.

 An effective organisation is generally built up by sustained ground work over the years and by infusing a sense of belonging in every dedicated grass root worker and not by collecting a few decorative pieces around oneself. Whenever the culture of sycophancy is encouraged in any organisation, its end becomes imminent. One should have the capacity and courage to face the healthy criticism boldly and squarely, only then an organisation gets the required momentum. Otherwise it becomes dead as dodo.

 Our greatest predicament at the moment is that we have no functional organisation at the all India level to coordinate the activities of various KP organisations in the country in an effective manner by issuing them proper guidelines from time to time and to scrutinise their performance. At present the city level organisations decide their own policy matters and take their own decisions on vital issues because there are no specific guidelines for their working. This quite often results in divergent opinions being propagated by different units on the same vital issues confronting our community, which add further confusion in the already chaotic conditions where no body knows as to who is the leader and who is the follower. It seems that everybody is busy in blowing his own trumpet. The famous Urdu poet of Lucknow Pandit Brij Narain Chakbast has very candidly expressed such a situation in his following Urdu couplet :

Rahnumai kiski hogi         Mujhko hairat hai yehi
Kafile mein kaum ke          Sub peshwa hone ko hain
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