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October-December 2001 issue

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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri



Children’s Column


Master Akash Malla, a Class VI student of Inderprastha Public School, Delhi bagged Ist Prize in the School 

Akash Malla
Essay Writing Competition. Topic of the Essay was 'Teacher Student Relations'. Akash is the son of Shri Ramesh Kumar Malla of Shiva Enclave, Kashmiri Colony, Hiranki, Delhi, a Life Member of KPA. 

Five Course Meal

Long long ago, there was a king, who was a very noble man. He looked after his subjects with love and care. He had a counsellor, who was very cunning. He was well paid by the king, yet he would not miss an opportunity to cheat the king for his selfish ends. The Counsellor had a servant, who would perform all the household chores and cook his meals too. The Counsellor always had a five course meal and so did his servant.

 One fine day the king learnt about the misdeeds of his Counsellor and thus terminated him from service. The Counsellor returned home and at dinner time he instructed his servant to switch over to one course meal henceforth. The servant complied with his master's wish. 

  It was a pleasant morning, the counsellor decided to go for an outing to a nearby village. It was lunch time when he returned home. He was very hungry and walked straight to the kitchen. On reaching the kitchen, he was shocked to see his servant relishing a lavish five course meal as usual. The Counsellor lost his head and asked his servant, why he  himself had not followed his instructions for one course meal.  The servant very curtly replied, "Sir, it is you who has lost the job and not me."

Komal Zutshi, New Delhi
Age 12 Years

My Experience at ZAAN Festival

On the 19th of August, 2001, Sunday, my family and I went for a meeting of Kashmiri Pandits' Association. The purpose of the meeting was to hold a contest for children. The contest was held in a big hall at Kashyap Bhawan. As I was participating the first time, I was very nervous and I had butterflies and worms in my stomach. There were many contests. They were as follows:

  • Story Telling and Recitation. 
  • Quiz 
  • Elocution 
  • Reading Devanagari Kashmiri
Each topic had three categories for different age groups i.e. Sub Juniors, Juniors and Seniors. Before the program started, I saw some participants who I did not know, which made me feel even more nervous. Program started at 11.15 AM. The first item was Story Telling and Recitation. I took part in this. Each participant either had to narrate a story or recite a poem. I narrated a story based on a mouse and his wife. Initially I was feeling nervous but my parents comforted me. I made a few mistakes in the story and I forgot some parts. The there was Elocution for Juniors and Seniors. The topics chosen were very interesting namely, Places of Worship in Kashmir, Amarnath Yatra and Dal Lake. After this item got over, we had Reading Devanagari Kashmiri. I participated in this too. It was quite easy. After this item, there was a break of 20 minutes for lunch. We had fried rice, salad & Dal. It was very tasty. After lunch, we had Quiz for all the three categories. I was very very nervous as I was not well prepared. Yet I participated. The Quiz Master had some cards in a tray and shuffled them. The participant had to pick up a card and hand it over to the Quiz Master. She would read the question and then we had to answer the question. After the Quiz got over, the certificate ceremony took place. I got second prize in Story Telling, Quiz and Reading Devanagari Kashmiri. By now all my nervousness had gone.

Ruchika Dhar, Colaba
Age 9 Years.

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