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Bombay Attack: The After Shock

By Dr. M.K. Teng

The widespread censure to which the state government of Maharashtra as well as the Govt. of India, the Indian intelligence services and the police and other security organisations, besides the politicians of all hues, have been subjected  on account of the most nedious attack the terrorists delivered in Bombay, appears to be a part of a well-devised exercise to forestall an objective analysis of the terrorist violence which has ravaged the whole country for the last two decades. Infact the Indian political class, has with resolute doggedness refused to identify the jehadi content of the war of subversion waged against this country and failed to recognise for what it was aimed to achieve. For reasons, which deserve to be investigated the Indian leadership, inside the government and outside the government, all the galaxies of mercenaries, who partake in the patronage the parliamentary structure of the Indian governments offers, the assortment of the rich and influential, who constitute the Indian middle class, have, in  invariably acted to camouflage the objectives of the terrorist violence, the jehadi war groups have spread in the country, right from 1990, when the jehadi war groups, mounted their first major assault in Jammu and Kashmir down to the day, have did distinction in Bombay. Strangly the blame for what the terrorists wraught was apportioned where it did not belong.

Mumbai Attack

For the massacre, the terrorist regimes carried out in Kashmir and the Muslim majority districts of the Jammu province which led to the ethnic cleansing of the entire community of the Hindus from Kashmir and displacement of more than two-hundred thousand Hindus from the Muslim majority districts of the Jammu province, the blame fell every where and on every one, except on the people, who were actually responsible for the carnage. Blame fell on the "Indian misrule in Kashmir"; the dilution of the "autonomy the Muslim majority of Kashmir was promised in return for its support to the accession of the State to India", the economic deprivations the Muslims in Kashmir had suffered, and the political alienation to which they were subjected by the Hindu minority in Kashmir, the communalism of the Hindu majority in India, the rigged elections and the isolation of Muslims from the political government of the state and of course the proverbial "foreign hand" which had enticed away the Muslim youth and driven it to to take up arms aganist India. Not a word, not even a whimper was heard against the flanks of the Muslim separatist forces, in Jammu and Kashmir, which had spearheaded a three decade long struggle for plebiscite and self-determination to delink the state from India and unite it with, Pakistan. Indeed, the leadership of the terrorist flanks which operated in the state, came from the generations of the Muslims which had grown under the shadow of the movement for right of self-determination of the Muslims in the state. Not a word was said about the Muslim leadership in the state, which had worked ceaselessly for the importation of the Islamic Revolution into the state; brought about the fundamentalisation of the Muslim society in Kashmir as well as Jammu and militarisation of the Muslim separatist ranks in the state.

Not only that. The Indian political class adopted an ostrich-like attitude in respect of the objectives the terrorist flanks claimed do fight for. To be fair to the Jehadi war groups, they spelt out their objectives in unambiguous terms and with a conviction, which left no one in doubt. The Jehad in Kashmir was heralded with the war cry of Azadi liberation of Jammu and Kashmir from the Indian hold and its unification with Pakistan. As the terrorist regimes extended their operations to the other parts of India they made no secret of the initiations they harboured. The Jehadi war groups and their supporters world over, claim an extra-territorial right to protect the interests of the Muslims in India and secure them their right to reorganise their society according to the law and precept of Islam. They sought to enforce their  right to intervene in Jammu and Kashmir in 1990 after the Jehad  triumphed in Afghanistan. The terrorist attack on Bombay signals their intention to enforce their right to ensure the Muslims of India their right to realise their Islamic destiny.

The terrorist attack on Bombay should serve as a signal for the Indian people to recognise the import of the religious war, the Jehadi war groups are waging against India for the last two decades. The territorial aims Pakistan followed in Jammu and Kashmir and the ideological objectives the Jehadi war groups, are to achieve, emnate from the Muslim commitment to  use the Muslim population of Jammu and Kashmir to foist a second partition on India and open the way for the eastward expansion of the Muslim power of Pakistan into the north of India and after that is accomplished, use the Muslim population of India break up the unity of the country.

The danger posed by the war of subversion Pakistan and the Jehadi war groups, including the Muslim terrorist regimes in India, are waging against India, poses a serious danger to the unity and security of India. The Indian people must shake themselves out of their complacency. Pakistan backs the Jehad with its nuclear power and that country has used nuclear blackmail as a potent instrument to contain the Indian military capability to fight the Jehad.

Pakistan is militarily aligned with the Anglo-American power block. It is also a part of the Sino-Pakistan military axis. The containment of the military capability of India suits both the Anglo-American power-Block as well as China. In a way, their insistence on a settlement of the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan motivated by a desire to prolong the Containment of India. A breach in the northern frontier of India will close all options for India to break-out of its containment.

Source: Kashmir Sentinel



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