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Kemmu's 'Shah Pathar' staged at Abhinav Theatre

By Kashmir Sentinel Correspondent

Sh. Moti Lal Kemu who pioneered the rebirth of Kashmiri folk theatre 'Bhand Pathr' is known to give surprises. This time he has come up with 'Shah Pathr'. The play was staged at Abhinav Theatre on November 27. It was written and directed by Kemu himself.

The play written in 1993-1994 revolves round the story of Sultan Budshah who applied balm A scene from 'Shah Pathr'to the wounds of hounded out Kashmiri Pandits. It is said once Budshah fell acutely ill due to a boil. Kashmiri Pandits were in hiding due to strong religious persecution of Budshah's father, Sultan Sikandar the iconoclast. When the Hakims attending on Budshah failed to cure him, the queen sought help from different quarters. Ultimately, Shriya Bhat, a leading Hakim, who too was in hiding, was taken to the King for administering treatment. Soon the King got well. As token of gratitude Budshah asked Shriya Bhat what he desired. The latter, as the true son of Kashmiris, demanded only one favour--End to the policy of religious persecution. The King granted it. A new chapter began in the life of persecuted Pandits. It appears 'Shah Pathr' has been written to send a similar message at a time when the predicament of the writer's community is virtually similar. Sh. Kemu said the objective of the play was to apprise the younger generation of their traditions of Kashmir.

The play was production of 30-day Kashmiri Theatre workshop conducted by Natrang in collaboration with Mr. Kemmu for Displaced Kashmiri boys and girls. The artists who participated in the play included among others-Sameeta Raina (Maskara), Chandji Kaul (Sultan-e-Kashmir), Bhasha Sumbli (Begum), Priya Raina  (Gopali), Manoj Bhatt (Shriya Bhat etc.).

Reproduced from:
Kashmir Sentinel,
Panun Kashmir




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