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The Signs of a True Devotee of God

By Moti Lal Khar

Describing the signs of totaldevotion, the true devotees of God are constantly engaged in listening to, discussing the stories associated with God and singing His praises. They are completely dependent on the Lord and His grace. They have taken refuge in the Lord and are completely devoted to Him. They do not desire anything material or even spiritual. They are neither attached nor have greed for anything. They have no sign of pride or ego in them. They do not care for the material and heavenly pleasures and possessions. They are ready to give up everything including their lives for the glimpse of the Lord. Their only desire is to have His Darshan, to see Him and to get bliss.

Such devotees of God are loved by everyone. They are indifferent to pleasure and pain and heaven and hell. They are happy to see others prosper and are sad to see others suffer, and are eager to help them in any way. Ignoring the misdeeds of others, they adopt their good qualities only. They believe that everything good that happens to them is due to Lord and their misfortunes are the products of their own doings either of the present or previous 'Sanchit' or 'Prarabdha' Karmas. Everyone is their friend and no one is their enemy. They love everyone and no one. For them there is no sense of 'mine and thine'.

This resolve of the Lord to live in the hearts of the people who are totally devoted to God and take refuge in Him and be present in a place where there is an assembly of the devotees is not unique in Hinduism. The saints and seers of the yore advocated for such gatherings and 'Sat Sanghs', the company of the virtuous. In the Holy Bible, Mt. 18:20 Jesus promises, "Where two or more are united in my name, there I am in the midst of them." The Holy Quran declares, "Let the soul reflect upon what it sends ahead for the morrow." No special place or dwelling is to be sought or invented for this. Those who are united in God's name experience the fruits of the spirit in the form of new joy, a new peace, love, patience, benevolence, goodness, faithfulness, meekness and self control.

It does not cost them even a penny and only their attitude and approach to life counts. The ideal of such a true devotee of God in the words of Bhagvata Purana is "I do not wish for a kingdom, heaven or re-birth; but I wish for the destruction of the anguish of living beings subjected to sufferings." God is not in temples, churches, mosques but in the heart of such true devotees. The present political, religious and social leaders should develop in themselves such qualities of a true devotee of God before posing themselves as leaders.

Source: Milchar



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