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Swami Ram Tirath and Vedanta

By Moti Lal Khar

am Tirth’s evolution from Mathematics teacher to apostle of Vedanta is an intense search for the self. The man who wanted to serve god through Mathematics became destined to serve humanity at large through his teachings of Vedanta. He re-kindled the poetic vision of the Upanishadas with love and passion. His exposition of Vedanta brought a new transcendental perspective to the ancient scriptures. His concept of Vedanta as experimental religion was that it had to be practiced before it can be spread.

Swami Ram Tirth was a free soul. His vision was a call-back to the real self and the real spirit of Vedanta which he defined as freedom of the spirit. With the life of Swami Vivekananda, Swami Ram Tirth travelled to the next assembly of Religions where like Swami Vivekananda, he mesmerized his audience completely. He had no place for princes, missions, institutions, organizations, name, fame, ambitions, wealth, achievements etc. He met god in the woods, whose message in the form of his lectures and talks was later appropriately compiled, “In the woods of god-Realization.” His lifespan of 33 years encompassed the experiences of many a life–time and his casting off his body on famous Hindu festival of Dushera day brought forth a tribute from his close friend erstwhile colleague at Lahore college, the Urdu poet- philosopher Mohammad Iqbal, who captured the intensity and passion of Rama’slife and work in this Urdu couplet:

Hum-bagal darya see hai!Ay qutra – e – betab tu!Pehle gohar tha!
Bana ab gohar–e–nab tu!”

(Like a restless drop; you have embraced the river. Before that you were a gem, now you are a rare diamond.)

Swami Ram Tirth said, “My religion is a religion without a name, it is the religion of nature. I call it the common path.” His poetic spirit captures the essence of this, “What care I for cast or creed? It is thedeed. What for class or clan? It is the man; it is the man. What for crown or crest? It is the heart within the breast.” According to Swami Ram Tirth Vedanta shows happiness. Realise the truth and be free. It is the faith and hope to see one god and one humanity. Persons like Swami Ram Tirth are born rarely on this earth and according to his friend poet Iqbal:

“Hazaroon saal nargis apni Be-noori Peroti hai, Badi mushkal se hota hai chaman Main deeda-var paida”.

Source: Milchar



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