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Education and Ethical Education

By Moti Lal Khar

Tension and confusion is building up when and where the students are preparing for their different examinations to pass the tests creditably. The entire year is being spent in studies to get good marks. It has not reached its peak with students spending sleepless nights even taking pills to stay awake to cram and some students soar while others can not and in despair commit suicides!

Having been in the teaching profession for more than three decades, the present writer wants to drive some home truths about the present system of education. Both teachers and parents lay much emphasis of academic side of the studies to get good division to earn wealth in the country or abroad, ignoring the other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including ethical and moral aspect of education.

One must be exceptionally well in examination even at the cost of one’s physical and mental health. It has been observed that many overage students with right environment both at home and at school have actually gone on to do well in life as compared to those who passed their examination with credit. What will happen if the students do not do well in the examination? Will the world come to an end? Why to commit suicides which is a crime! Let all students along with their teachers and parents realize this fact. In order to live life well and to succeed in the test of life one does not need to be proficient in learning by rote to get degrees which are mere scrap of papers! Each and every person is born with his or her unique talent and we as teachers and parents need to recognize this talent of the child at the initial stage to help students to develop their traits and talents by offering them our understanding, love, confidence and support, faith, courage and perseverance.

If we include the teaching of subjects in schools like inter-faith, peace and ethical values of human life into the present system of education, it will enhance the child’s innate ability to make positive contribution to the well being of peers, family, community and society at large, which in turn will help to enhance sense of peace and justice. Peace education is a matter of attitude, it is not a set of dogmas that have to be taught by mere cramming; it is the entire approach to life for global citizenship, social justice and peaceful linkage with civil society to curb the present violence which we see in the world at present. Ethics is about life as human beings, about relationships, about living together in peace and harmony as we depend on each other for survival. Ethics, faith and peace mean appreciation of beauty. It is striving for truth, pursuit of justice and for spirituality where children will be taught to be the future citizens of the world in the real sense.

Source: Milchar



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