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Islamic Fundamentalism in Kashmir

The Muslim and Hindu peoples of Kashmir have lived in relative harmony and friendliness since the 13th century when Islam first became the majority religion in Kashmir. The Sufi-Islamic way of life that ordinary Muslims followed in Kashmir complemented the rishi tradition of Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus), leading to a syncretic culture where Hindus and Muslims revered the same local saints and prayed at the same shrines. 

Periodically however, there have been rulers and leaders who have had a narrow view of Islam, and have subjected Hindu minorities to great cruelties and discrimination. The current armed secessionist movement in Kashmir mostly derives its inspiration from these people. 

The masked terrorists in Kashmir: Pawns in a bigger game.
The masked terrorists in Kashmir: Pawns in a bigger game.

A canard is now being spread past few years by the secessionist-terrorists and their sympathizers that in 1990 Kashmiri Pandits left Kashmir willingly, having been "tricked" by then Jammu and Kashmir Governor Jagmohan. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The fact is that Kashmiri Pandits were driven from their homeland after a campaign of intimidation and harassment was launched against them by the military-wing of the secessionists. Kashmiri Pandits were forced from their hearths and homes at the point of gun. The objective of this ethnic cleansing was to create a minority-free Kashmir valley where the goal of Islamization could be easily forced on the ordinary people. The books and articles below will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the genesis of the current political situation in Jammu and Kashmir. 

This website aims to tell the story of Kashmir as it was and what has become of it now. More ...

Kashmiri Pandit Refugees in DistressVideo icon July, 1990 (Video Clips are dubbed in English and are taken at Jhiri and Talab Tillo Refugee Camps in Jammu)
© Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA) 
Kailash MehraWorld Kashmiri Pandit Conference (URL)
New Delhi, India (Dec. 27-28, 1993)
Organized by Panun Kashmir
Video Compiled and Edited by Ashok Pandit
ThumbnailKashmiri Pandit Refugee Camps
July, 1993 (Unedited; Language used: Mostly Kashmiri)
© Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA)

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Kashmiri Pandits as refugees in their own country... And the World Remained Silent
Video icon Video Documentary
A Panun Kashmir Presentation
A film by Ashok Pandit

Video icon Part 1 | Part 2

Vyeth Television Documentaries (URL)

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