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ON SALE: Lal Vakh Album

From: "Dalip Langoo" <>
Date: Fri Apr 22, 2005  1:48 pm
Subject: Contents in Lal-e-Vakh and indrakshi

Below are the contents that we recorded in the recently created audio CDs. This will give you an account of details as to what you are going to listen and rest this too can apprise you as to what you are going to purchase. For Lal-e-Vaakh people look for a few Vaakhs but we have brought out all the Vaakhs. About Indrakshi usually Stotra is considered to be the Indrakshi but in this case we have come up with the whole lot of Indrakshi Pooja and in addition to it we have included Devi Sooktam, Navdurga namaskar, Raginya Stuti and the first chapter of Panchastavi. Sooner you will look for these numbers you will get these for you and your friends.

Best regards,
Dalip Langoo

Title : Lal-e-Vaakh: Tas Padmaan Porchi Laley- Volume I - 64 minutes
1.. Narration : Dileep Kaul
2.. Tas Padmaan Porchi Laley: Nundrishi
3.. Lal-e-Vaakh: 1 to 157: Lalded
Based on latest updated version of Lal-e-Vaakh by Shri M.K.Raina ji of Mumbai

Title : Lal-e-Vaakh: Tas Padmaan Porchi Laley- Volume I I - 40 minutes
1.. Narration : Dileep Kaul
2.. Lal-e-Vaakh: 157 to 261: Lalded
3.. Lal parmaguram: Roopabhawani

Download a sample in MP3 format

The beginning with Nundrishi's tribute to Lal Ded and concluding it with
Ropabhawani's Vaakhs have made this a unique number. In the beginning Nundrishi desires to have boon from God like that of Lala, whom he addressed as Lalee. Concluding verses expresses Lal as the supreme Guru. What else can be said of the greatest saint poetess. I have not expressed the Vaakhs with any singing skills but with purity and simple address of course musically. After listening people will decide and share their experiences. I have tried to give my best. Dileep Kaul ji has helped me to achieve this task as he too has lent his voice for Indrakshi and Bhagavaan ji's music number. I have offered everything to God.

A total of 104 minutes of Lal-e-vaakh's sung by Dalip Langoo. Main stress
has been given on simple expression in Kashmiri way with musical background. Anyone interested can book their copies in advance as the set of 2 audio CDs of Lal-e-vakh will be available for Rs 150/- [M.R.P for a single CD is Rs. 75/- only] For Lal-e-vaakh no courier will be charged till 30th of April on all
bookings within India. We have used the latest updated collection of Lal-e-vaakh's by Shri M.K.Raina ji of /Mumbai. The CD's booked after 30th April will be inclusive of courier charges as Rs. 35/-


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